rolling videos

pool rolling
I will try to go to George English this afternoon for an hour or so. Might as well try it out. Should be around 5 or 5:30

Anybody want a laugh…stop by.


I was out and missed your post or I’d could have swung by. Quite a few go there to practice - but irregularly. I actually drove by on Sunrise around 5 or so and saw a paddler coming out of the park and heading N up Middle river. You? (I can ID most yaks at distance, but not from behind - but it appeared to be a poly sea kayak though so I’m guessing it was).

Pretty limited park, eh? Did you find the free parking by the basketball courts? Best put in spot and porta-pottie are there too (forgot to mention that! Sorry). That big floating dock thing was put in for paddlers - but none I know use it. The dirt/gravel/sand patch right at the end of the lot is much better.

I got there at about 1630 or 1700. Now you tell me about the free parking and the put in!..Dutifully put in my credit card and used the boat ramp on the far side.

right by the bridge, there is a little landing spot and that is where I ended up most of the time. I know you said to lose the paddle float but I used it initially. I find that I can go through the motions of what I think I should do to hip snap and roll up very slowly in my attempt to try and remember the moves after taking it off. I tried (unsuccessfully) about 20 rolls without the float and then to my infinite surprise, I actually rolled up once. Hmmm. If you roll your kayak and nobody sees it, did it really happen? Doesn’t really count though as i tried about 20 more after that and could not duplicate it.

About a cup of water in both bow and aft hatches but the day hatch was dry.

phone call back
Kinda dissapointed. I called Colleen at FMK three days ago and we talked about my level of experience and that I should probably go into the second class and that she would be getting in touch with her instructors and have them call me back. No calls so far.

I really need at least one solid lesson on how to set up for a normal roll (whatever a normal roll is). I am quite confident that when the video comes that I will succeed but also believe that while I may have a roll after studying the video, I may not be doing it as efficiently as I should.

Not going to get frustrated. Not going to get frustrated. Not going to get frustrated. Not going to get frustrated.

Ok. I am frustrated…but I will succeed.



found 2 videos at the library.
picked up a video called the “practical kayaker” from the library. Ther is also a Kent Ford video at the main library that they will call me for when it comes in.

Practical kayaking
good all around beginner video. learned a bit about navigation and some other stuff.

All learning is good.