rolling videos

Anyone had any success finding rolling videos or instruction at the local libraries? Just curious.

And could I get opinions of the best instructional rolling videos out there?

Yeah I know…but the rolling class isn’t until the end of the month.

(just in case you were going to post something like there is no substitute for personalized instruction) :slight_smile:


Do A Search On "Rolling"
you’ll find a lot of threads and pretty much the same recommendations about the better videos.

Yes. You can learn on your own. I and others have done just that. There are pitfalls though. The threads will give you and idea of what some of those are. You hit that. Pull back and wait for instructor’s help before ingraining bad habits.


rolling videos
thanks. was hoping to get one down without a paddle float before going to the class on the 30th. Or barring that, using the paddle float in slow motion and really working on tucking the head in and making sure that I am leaning back properly.

Hence the video and library questions.


Last thing I wasnt to do is unlearn when I get instruction.

Quick Answer
Kent Ford’s The Kayak Roll

Eric Jackson Braces and Rolling

Both are very good, EJs roll works better for whitewater boats and gives you more combat skills and skills to keep you upright taught in a very straightforward way. The Kayak Roll is kind of dogmatic and has features that may make your roll harder to learn. For example it teaches that you should start rolling the boat as soon as you start your sweep. With some hull shapes this does not work, hard for a beginner to know where they need to alter the technique. Also discourages coming up on the back deck, which again may prevent you from rolling certain boats. When trying by video best who has someone who knows how to roll along, unless you have a very good awareness of your body movements while underwater upside down.

Add one more to the short list…

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...for sea kayak anyway:

"1st Roll" - by Jay Babina. Teaches and easy extended sweep roll, and in reverse order from "Kayak Roll". Excellent method for learning on your own.

I have all three and find the overlap of key points drives home what's importnt beter than just seeing one.

I taught myself - with "Kayak Roll" and Internet reading. I think it would have sped things up if I'd had "1st Roll sooner (it helped offside).

Got EJs later, and it excels for simplicity but is geared more to a teacher/student environment. His stages need a partner, but the video is still of great use for a solo learner. I really liked the instructor tips at the end - and if you're teaching yourself, you're the instructor.

PS - If you want to avoid having to unlearn bad habits - ditch that paddle float! I know some disagree on this - but all it is teaching you is bad mechanics and timing. Float lets you pull with your arms and not use enough torso/leg action. A diving paddle lets you know what's wrong (you're putting too much weight on it by pulling down, lifting head, etc.).

I have Fosters Rolling and Bracing, the Kayak Roll, EJ’s and VHS that teaches a c2c called Grace Under Pressure (looks like it was filmed in the 1980’s). I had trouble teaching myself until I got EJ’s (the last one I bought). I rolled within a half hour using his method without any help. I used a paddle float for the step that has you putting your paddle on a pool edge. Maybe all the other videos set the ground work so that EJ’s just clicked. After I learned the roll from EJ’s I did the Kayak Roll version the first time I tried it again and it is the roll I now use. I use EJ’s version for my off side.


I will second the
EJ video recommendations. I really solidified my bracing and rolling after studying this video. While it is a whitewater video, the skills I learned work well in my touring boat.

EJ’s approach made intuitive sense to me. He started out by teaching deep high braces which, when pushed to extreme, essentialy become a roll. This also makes sense because a roll is needed usually after a failed brace.

Ditto EJ; ditto paddle float
Agreed… all I got from the paddle float was a case of frustration and a sore shoulder. In fact, far from promoting good technique, it enables you to prolong bad ones, especially unwinding the hip snap by bringing the head up.

As for EJ, yes, it does help to have someone else knowledgeable around. But that’s true of all learning of rolling, IMHO, at least at certain crucial points. A hearty mazel tov that you did it alone but I think that’s fairly unusual.


kayak roll
just ordered The Kayak Roll.

What I really need is someone to spot me and comment on what i am doing wrong. Hearty kudos to you greyak for teaching yourself. I will get there, I can feel it…just afraid that I am doing it inefficiently.

Think I will call Full Moon Kayaks and FBO and see if I can schedule a lesson in these next couple of weeks.


I got a copy of the Kayak Roll
after talking with Greyak several times. I watched it in detail and read everything I could get my hands on from the internet. I began practicing and wound up taking a short class before I had perfected my roll. The class taught a slightly differant roll and had a fair number of students per instructor and I did not think it helped.

However, I took part of the finish position talked about in the class and used it with the roll taught in “The Kayak Roll” video and that seemed to get me over the top.


hand paddles
Maybe I am crazy, but I have been thinking that using hand paddles would be a good way to learn. Just seems to make sense to forget about the paddle altogether at first and work on the head down, screw up the body and release using a slight push with a hand paddle if needed. Seems to me that everything associated with rolling, to be really profficient, would naturally evolve to rolling using just the hands. Also seems as if there would be less to think about. Just screw the body up, snap/rotate those hips and roll over! (well it sounds good anyway)

I might try that with a makeshift hand paddle today in the pool…might be fun!

If I don’t post tomorrow…call Memorial West Hospital…(is there a dislocated shoulder ward?)

Can’t wait for the video to show up.

Rolling with hand paddles
A C-to-C roll is quite easy with hand paddles. A sweep roll is a little trickier but still not that hard. But as a learning tool? I have my doubts. I have seen people learning a hand roll using the small hand paddles that swimmers use. You can also use them to learn to scull. Myself, I would wait until you start instruction or get the video and use a regular paddle.

Where do you paddle/practice?
Being self taught I’m hesitant to spot anyone for fear they’ll get my crappy style!!! Better you get professional help - but since you’re local it might be fun to watch someone flail around! L

I like George English Park off Sunrise for practice. Either inside, or off the little patch of beach just outside if it’s not ocupied by Jet Ski and water ski boater. Usually quiet and plenty of room somewhere.

A have not been paddling in a while. Traveling, or too hot, or T-storms, or whatever. Mid Summer doldrums. For all I know I may have lost my roll. Doubt it though. Since you go out every day, maybe I’ll see you next time I get the gear wet!

BTW - See you got a T170. Should be a decent roller. Never paddled one, but it has a good rep. Who’d you buy it from? Susan? FBO?

roll t170
Got it from Frank at FBO during their year end clearance. a little scratched up but otherwise in good shape.

I live west of 75 but George English Park sounds interesting. I had been going to Oleta River a lot and Hobie Beach with Frank once. Don’t know the areas on the coast in Fort Lauderdale that well. We always just packed up and headed east until we found a beach.

Let me know if you are going to get the “gear wet” and I can meet you. don’t mind you laughing at all. I work mornings so afternoons are good.

Colleen from Full Moon Kayaks told me that she would get an instructor or two to call me to set up some times for lessons shortly.

Think I will get over there anyway (George English Park) to check it out. I may be a persona non grata in my pool now.- I was in the pool trying to figure out body placement etc, just hanging upside down and my wife told me that a couple of women drove by the pool with really nasty looks so I will probably get some sort of letter from the association telling me to cease and desist bringing the kayak to the pool. Bunch of clipboard Nazis with nothing better to do. I checked the rules and it says nothing about inflatables, plastic toys, or anything else. (Well it is a plastic toy…allright, 17 feet may be a little excessive… but there was nobody else there and I don’t see what the problem was)

Would like to find other areas around here to paddle also.

I will send you a separate e-mail with my numbers etc. it would be good to know somebody locally.


Oleta’s good too…
… on the Bay, by the inlet, and a river. Lot of variety. Good quiet spots to practice there too.

I got my first rolls there by the put in near the bike wash.

George English is small, urban, and a couple miles from the nearest Inlet. On Middle River not far from ICW.

Had a lot of fun out there but didn’t see any dolphins…was a bit dissapointed.


I got my first roll at Oleta too. That place must be an inspiration for beginner rollers.

I also got there my first… head roll when I didn’t realize the water was too shallow :wink:

is the one for me.

(I have Grace under Pressure and The Kayak Roll too)

Thinking of donating my copies to the local library

ordered the kayak roll. (figured I would support the industry somewhat) but will be stopping by the library on the way home to see if they have anything.


The only video about seakayaking I ever found at the local library was Performance Sea Kayaking ( ), other than that just a few WW videos, let us know if something more interesting is now available.