After a winter of rolling lessons with Cherry and Turner in a pool in Wallingford, at 67 I have finally learned to roll-most of the time. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement that you kind folks have given me.

Also, I’ve just started gong to Bikram Hot Yoga classes and all ready it’s easier getting in and out of my ocean cockpit

awesome! congrats!
Cheri and Turner are fantastic instructors who completely understand rolling.

They are great folks
and great rolling instructors. I learned a lot from them and use some of their techniques when I teach rolling.

I know I have been there when you have been practicing too!! I also have benefited from Turner and Cheri’s help in the last couple of years as have many other folks. They are turning into a national institution!

I just need to do the Yoga thing too…as hinted to by Cheri last weekend at the North Cove event. I just need to find one less than an hour and a half away from me!

Roll on!!!


I’m jealous!
and after a winter of just sitting around … jellyous too

Congrats, ottffssent!
Keep practicing and refining. You’ll build more and more margin. Nice job.

Paul S.

You’re 469 years old in dog years… and still learning new tricks. Inspiring. Thank you.