Rollins Pond

Hello–I will be tent camping at Rollins Pond and I can only find a non water front camp site. Can I cut through another persons campsite to put my canoe in the water? If not, where can I take my canoe? thanks

Probably there will be established
cut-through access, between lakeside campsites. And the lakeside campsites I’ve seen usually have an access area for boats, where you can cable your canoe to a tree when you’re not on the water.

If you make friends they probably will not mind understanding your predicament. Enjoy your stay at Rollins Pond!

They have a launch
down near where it is close to Whey Pond. It is for Fishermen’s and car top boat launch. Walking or wheeling thru other peoples’ campsites may not be ideal for a number of reasons.

The launch is on the .pdf of the map of the place, on DEC’s site for Rollins Pond. Here’s the link if you missed it.