romany, avocet, fathom

I’ve already purchased one of the above, but am nevertheless curious to hear comparisons – I read that these three are in the same ballpark. Thanks!

As I said
In an earlier post, Romany simply the best boat I`ve ever owned.

If you already have it, then go paddle! :slight_smile:

Call me old school, but I like standard fiberglass so I’d rule out the Fathom. I like the longer cockpit of the Romany and it feels a little more lively than an Avocet to me, so that’d be my choice.

I am paddling

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5 of the first 6 days since I got it. I happen to be home from work with a low fever today, hence doing "boat" another way (which relates to the boat slut thread -- if you're obsessed and can't boat for some reason, you can boat post or boat shop!).
Anyway, maybe it would help to narrow the original question a bit. How might these three boats behave differently on the water? And what is it about the boat that would account for the difference? This discussion would help my (and others?) beginner understanding of how boat features relate to handling/performance -- especially since these boats are at least roughly similar.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Edited to ask: For example, Steve, why do you think the Romany is more "lively" than the Avocet (and perhaps, though I see it is a term that gets used w/o question -- what do you actually mean by "lively")?

All three are great boats. Yes, all 3.
I own a Romany S and think it is wonderful. The Romany is the most lively of the bunch, it turns quicker on a wave and can generally be thrown around better. Oddly, the Roany is the best tracker of the group as well. I really like the Fathom, fast , durable, and well mannered in following wind/seas. It carries a good load and rolls well. The reason it rolls well, is also considered a negative by people smaller than me- high foredeck. I have not paddled the Avocet, but own its cousin the Aquanaut LV RM. Simply put the Naut LV RM is the best all around boat I have ever paddled, if it did not weigh 715 pounds I would sell most of my other boats. The Naut hauls gear, is fairly fast, is amazing for its size in surf and following seas, rolls almost as good as my skin boat, and is indestructable ( I’ve tried). All three a very fine boats and I would gladly paddle any of them. Bill

Romany Surf vs Avocet
I have owned both. I would say a lot depends on your weight. If you are over 190 then the Romany Surf is a better boat for you.

Otherwise the Avocet fits a bit bigger than the standard Romany and tighter than the Surf model I woudl say.

I have not paddled the Avocet in years but I would say the secondary stability is less defined due to softer chines.

The Avocet may be a bit faster.

Otherwise they both are really good boats and both roll easily, surf well and are playful and fun.

I think I may have enjoyed the Avocet more though but I may now be a bit heavy for it at 195 pounds.


I’d say moparharn covered what I was thinking of with “lively” pretty well. I have an Explorer and haven’t paddled the Romany or Avocet “in conditions”, and maybe some of it is familiarity too. The Romany feels like a little brother to the Explorer. Directly related, but different enough that one may wind up in my garage yet.

As you can probably tell I might not be the best one to ask about technical boat design questions… :slight_smile:

“lively” and hard chine
I’m not sure there is enough “data” here to say that there is some consensus that the Romany is the most lively of the 3 which would lead to the question of why in terms of the physical properties of the boat. However, on that general subject, (1)do you think it is safe to say that a hard chine typically results in a lively boat? And (2)while on the subject of “lively,” does that also suggest that the boat will be moved around easily by choppy water as well as by the paddler intentionally moving it around? I appreciate your patience – I’m just getting into this and am curious.

my take
1) Probably, at least in my experience with different boats. Unscientific and not a huge amount of it in conditions, but I know my Explorer very well and use that as a baseline. That said, neither the Romany nor Explorer are hard-chined boats. They’re “harder” than an Avocet and I’ve never paddled a Fathom.

2) Yes, again, my experience. You want a lively boat, you get a lively boat. :slight_smile: