Romany Excel

Wondering if anyone has some pictures of a Romany Excel they would like to share with me. I recently took some pictures while paddling an older Romany HV. I want to compare prior to ordering the boat, as I can not see the boat prior to purchasing.

Also I would value any input you might have regarding this boat. I am looking to use it for day paddles and the odd 4-5 night trip. ( I am 6’2, 235 Lbs with 32 inseam)

No pictures
I don’t want to mess up your thought process but the Excel is a BIG boat, possibly too big for you. My 265lb friends fit and paddle it comfortably. If you are looking along that line of kayak I would suggest the Romany Surf.

seconding paddlemore
You are the right size for a Romany Surf (nee Romany HV, Poseidon). The Excel is for paddlers bigger than you…

The Excel would fit someone 6’8" and probably 270lbs, too big for you.

Hi Jim!
How are you? Long time no talk. Done any good paddling lately? What kayak are you primarily paddling these days?



Hi Ken
Not so much paddling recently. House and location issues. Will be spending weekend after this with Carmody off Rhode island for our annual Spring moving water training.

I’m still paddling my Romany, Nordlow and Aquanaut. Which boat depends on conditions - both mine and the sea’s :wink:

Hey Sean I could send you some pictures of the excel… I have one and I adore it… I am 6’3 280lbs and it fits me like a glove… It might be a little big for you… send me your email adress and Ill send you some shots of the boat…




if your anywhere near chicago your welcome to try her out

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Kenny, I’m about your size and looking at the Excel. I’d like to see your pictures as well. pbrambs at g mail dot com. How much should I expect to pay for one and did you get the 16’ or 17’ version? Thanks Pete

If you are in the Charleston SC area, a buddy there paddles an Excel.

Is he Jeff Atkins?

Yes, outstanding kayak instructor (and a big guy paddler)