Romany Explorer value?

I have an older green and white NDK explorer. In decent shape new decklines/custom seat/built in foot pump/skirt. Was going to post it for $1400
Seem reasonable?

Absolutely a fair price for a quality sea kayak. Assume the skeg works still & is the older style bungee skeg = very easy to adjust and repair if ever required. A lesser price should have folks beating down the door to get the kayak if you are located in a sea kayak community.

For me it would be no solely because of the foot pump. Some love them, some will not own a kayak with one. It is all related to ones skills, experience, and preferences.

Thanks for the info Will post soon in classifieds

Pictures? Year?

When selling you can always come down. Doubtful anyone will call and offer you more. Then again people are buying houses on Long Island and bidding them up 80 grand on ,5-600,000 houses. Not many sea kayaks available.

Boat is now posted in classifieds