Romany Name???

Just curious on this one…anyone know where the name Romany comes from? Does not sound distinctly British as one would think for a NDK boat.

I have always been a bit curious about this.



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Seems like a fine name for a touring boat.

Named for his daughter
Romany is the name of Nigel Dennis’s daughter. Really - we were told that by a guy who has been a family friend for years. Where he chose the name for his daughter from I don’t know.

Perhaps he named his daughter after the boat…just kidding.


daughters name
…mentioned over pints at the paddlers retreat next to the old center. although why he would have named another daughter “explorer” is beyond me! :slight_smile:

mr dennis will be one of the coaches at the new england intermediate rough water symposium held off of wakefield, RI this labor day weekend. come and ask him for yourselves!

details forthcoming on the maine island kayak website. (

Like This…

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And this: