Romany S vs. Romany HV???

I am wondering if someone can set me straight on what the differences are between these two boats.

I have heard a lot of different things about these two…some of which is conflicting.

Can someone please let me know what the differences are between the two in terms of fit, cockpit, presence of knee bumps vs. thigh braces, differences in hull size and shape, hatch capacity, and differences in performance characterisitics.

My understanding is that the two are pretty darn close but that the HV is a half inch wider. I have heard conflicting information about rocker, chines, deck height, etc.

thanks for your help


Nordkapp H2O vs Nordkapp Jubilee
it’s a similar discussion it seems…

the HV was also called the Poseidon, and neither nomenclature exists now. the RS is the HV/Poseidon but with a new deck. that deck has the same knee bumps as the Ex HV. the old deck didn’t, and it wasn’t much different in fit for my long legs than the std Romany, just a tad wider coaming and seat. the RS fit is excellent, and i’m large. the RS coaming however, is an inch wider and seems slightly rounder (guess it would be if it was wider) than the Ex HV, and i find it just right. if you send me a private email, i’ll send you some photos i have of the boat, and it’s attendant parts as described.

from my experience
the Surf has a larger cockpit, and thigh hooks. Both have knee bumps. They have the same amount of rocker, but the hull of the surf is flatter. If the hull is flatter then there would have to be a difference in angle between the sides of the hulls and bottoms of both. While I have heard the chines are the same, my brain does not accept that.

The flat bottom of the surf comes into play with deck height as well. The heights of the deck are the same at the sides, but not the middle.

I have paddled both and they handle differently. On flatwater they handle very similarly, unless edging. The Surf has a more pronounced transition between initial and secondary stability. The Surf also handles better in surf (surprise).

Ask yourself what you will be using the kayak for…

surf then Surf

other stuff - HV

i think it’s the same hull
just the deck mod.

The flatter hull would be better for surfing. Also may make the boat a bit slower in the water I might think (not that either boat is a fast boat).

Given your description of transition between primary and secondary I would think that the chines might be a bit harder on the Surf. I have heard from one other person that the Surf has a bit more perceived stability. Flat bottom may also provide a bit more primary.

I believe that both boats have hull volume distributed slightly more forward and aft of the cockpit than the standard Romany (stay wider longer and taper closer to the ends) to acommodate a heavier paddler.

I have never sat in an HV but did sit in a Surf and to me it did not feel much different from a standard Explorer (which is a bit roomier than the Romany).

I spoke to Nigel at a symposium last summer about the Surf (which he was quite passionate about and felt would be perfect for my weight at 200 pounds) and I believe he said that the Surf had a bit LESS rocker and a straighter keel line / longer water line to give it a bit more speed for catching waves.


in the surf vs tide race/wave surf
it’s a great boat, i love mine. however having used it in the surf a few times now (beach surf/surf zone surf) i don’t find it massively impressive compared to other sea kayaks. sure it is shorter, but still a sea kayak, and can only turn it once back up in the foam. still has the same limitations of other general sea kayaks- length and trackiness. i don’t personally believe the planing hull argument, it’s not a surf board/boat, and doesn’t hop up and plane like those things do. otherwise it handles very nicely and relatively easily as you might expect. rolls stupid easy from any angle with little effort, so i hang out half way over a lot… nice water tight hatches as well. lots of fun. i’ll never spend max time in the surf zone, so this boat will suffice for my surf needs, i prefer a good tide race, when they go off around here. that’s the boat i reach for.

the hull is definitely different. NM