Romany Surf / best spray skirt ???

Looking at a new spray skirt for my 2007 (fiberglass) Romany Surf.Can any other Romany Surf paddlers recommend a skirt that works well for keeping the water out during rolling practice etc. I currently have a 4 year old Seals skirt. The skirt leaks quite a bit of water into the cockpit after only 3 rolls. The SEals skirt looks fine and has no noticable rips or pin holes. That said it lets in a ton of water. Any real world suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

I use SnapDragon skirts. There is a good chance water is coming in through the tunnel. Go for a snug torso fit.

bruised neoprene?
if your skirt sits in storage folded up, it will often bruise and pinch and lose it’s full waterproofness across those creases. kind of a drag, as Seals are top notch skirts.

Spray skirt
I have a Reed spray skirt and it is very light fits tight and is pretty dry.

So many options
Thanks for the suggestions. Money is so tight these days. Just trying to get it right on the first try. The coaming on the Romany Surf is a bit oversize etc. I figured somebody else on must have already been through this. Thanks again…

I owned a romany s
I used a snapdragon with a medium deck and it worked great.

Should have mentioned that the first time.

what paddlemore said
Does the skirt leak, or does the fit between the tunnel and your torso leak?

Before buying a new skirt try putting some aquaseal along the inside rim of the skirt. May also be leaking at the seam in the tunnel, aquaseal that as well. Cheaper than a new skirt. For what it`s worth I find the Romany cockpit a little more wet than a normal or more typical cockpits.

Seal 1.4
I have a surf and use a seal 1.4 with good results. I snug up the tunnel (has velco adjustments) and have little water coming in when rolling.

Thanks for the help
it appears to be the tunnel. I too have the Seals 1.4 but without the velcro fastners. I have lost some weight over the last year and frankly never considered the tunnel being the problem (duh!) Thanks again for the suggestions from one and all… Chuck

If you contact Snapdragon, they have a version (forgot the name) which is designed for an extra watertight seal. I don’t think it is in the catalogue, but I know they make it because I have one. It was a popular skirt with owners of Nordkapps, and really did work well with that boat. It has a reinforced rand and some extra material near the rand. It is not an easy on and off.