Romany - Tempest 165

I think we should group boats
Obviously there are gradations in purpose and performance but there are a few boats that seem to me to fall into logical groups. With fairly limited experience in some of them, I’d put the Romany, T-165, and Avocet in the same group. Maybe some others too. Probably the small Chatham. What’s the most similar P&H?

Basically what I’m saying is that they seem to fill the same niche and it’s pretty much up to you to figure out which one best suits your needs. Shades of gray.

And to Sea_Kayaker, I for one have no issue with you thinking a Romany is the best sea kayak blend out there…I simlpy disagree…that’s all. I will say that it is a super boat. I agree with haresurfer that boats fall into categories for the most part…not unlike skis.

woah, calm down there buddy…
I’m not offended in the slightest or anything for that matter. I was simply just stating that when I read it, I interpretted it the same way that salty did. There’s nothing wrong with preferring NDK boats. Many paddlers would agree with you on that preference. I was just sharing how I perceived your statement since you were starting to get a bit defensive.


P&H Capella


Chatham 16


and the winner for BEST in class is…

Romany 16 ?

I think not.

tho…FORD makes the BEST truck…we ALL know THAT! I have one and I think it’s BEST.


Capella 161 or 163
The two Capella’s that fall into the Romany and T165 class are the 161 and 163.

My personal favorite is the 161 which I sold a Romany in order to buy:)


my favorite 2 P/H. I fit the 163 a bit better!


Group Paddlers Too!
Unless you know the size and weight distribution, overall athletic abilities, personality, experience, paddling abilities, and favorite paddling venues of someone, you have almost no way of knowing what they mean when they say something about a boat.

I’ll go with
the Romany and the Ford.

But, Willyboy, only you can answer your question regarding which will be more FUN. As you can see, there comes a point where its simply “chemistry” between boat and paddler that gives the answer.

And your chemistry can change over time as well (after almost 20 years of paddling, I ALMOST have my quiver of 13 kayaks tweaked perfectly, but not quite). Don’t think you need to marry this kayak forever, thats the beauty of it. Get one now, and you can trade it in for a different one later if you want, or end up owning a WS and an NDK at the same time for a while…then you can tell us which one ends up being more fun for you…its all good.

Let us know what you end up with and how you got there.


Also hugely true!
The main thing is to grab a boat that turns you on and go do something with it. The interraction with the natural world is what it’s about to me. Tools are cool for sure, but just a means. There is no best, only best for you at this juncture.

yeah just remember ‘it’s only a boat’. as salty puts it a ‘tool’ to get you into your favorite enviro, the sea. (or wherever your fav is)

own a CWS AND an NDK at the same time???

how would that work? they’d be fightin’ like cats’ndogs all the time!

actually they don’t… I keep 'em in seperate racks.



Thanks for the replies everybody
I had’nt the time to get on the net in last few days so I had no idea where this post was going. I was just trying to have some FUN while I was trying to make up my mind between the two boats. Both boats are for sale from people in my area and either one would be FUN to own in addition to my 700. I haven’t made up my mind yet…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL…Ho, Ho, Ho

oh sure…
you start a thread, we go to alllll this work, and you don’t even read it!

what’s the internet coming to?

and a Ho, Ho, freakin’ Ho to U/2 !



could buy both…give you more time to test and decide

Best Wishes


Pick whichever one of the several in that category that you like, and buy a surf ski, or surf boat, or legit speedster tourer like an Epic 18, QCC 700, Rapier. That way you have a couple of very different kayaks that excel in different ways. Amuses me how people will obsess over boats that are very similar. Me thinks it better to have variety than a rack full of the “same”.

Just thoughts…

Exactly! I’ve got 13 boats, all for different categories. When I sell one off, usually replace it with something in the same caegory.

Current variety…
…in decreasing order of length:

Mark 1 Surf Ski

Custom SOF

QCC 700

WS Sparrow Hawk*

OK Rrrapido

Others recently sold:

VCP Pintail* ('94 - old model)

Tsunami X-1

Others before that"

Findeisen UX

Heritage Shearwater

WS Tarpon 160

Findeisen Venture* (a 13’9" x 23" ski!)

Stearns IK116

    • Kim’s but I’ve paddled all 3.

      Of course this all this “variety” is coincidental more than planned. Just can seem to focus… “Eclectic” might be a better description. Eventually “eccentric” if I follow my heart and go with designing/building more than buying!

      Maybe in a few more years I could actually understand myself and the options enough put together a well balanced fleet, but skills, interests, and venues change with time - and so the fleet with it. That change is a big part of the fun for me.

Yes, Different Category
I’d like to try the Rapier.

what about an Avocet?