Romany - Tempest 165

The only kayak I’ve ever owned and still have is a QCC700. I’ve learned rescues, bracing and rolling in this boat. She’s great and I’ve learned to handle her in all sorts of weather and conditions.

I’m a smaller guy and want to get a smaller and more playfull boat while still keeping the QCC700. I’ve paddled both the Romany and Tempest 165, they both fit well and in some respects perform better for me than the 700. I like 'em both and can’t make up my mind!

My question to the net is: Which boat is going to be more FUN for all around inland lake and Lake Superior paddling? Come on lets hear it! Thanks.


why stop there?
Are you traveling distances or playing? Ever consider broadening your scope, to, say an Anas Acuta, Betsie Bay boat, pintail or other even more playful craft?

this may make your dilemma worse
I cant help you with the specific question you asked, as I don’t fit in the Tempest 165 and never tried the other.

But my girlfriend just went through the buying decision and her choice came down to the Tempest 165 and the Necky Chatham 16. She had the opportunity to paddle both on the same day, and said the two boats felt the same to her.

My Take
If you’ve paddled them both and find them equally fun, I think the next deciding factor should be comfort.

Which boat would be more comfortable after 7, 10, 12 hours?

both great boats
you really can’t beat the seat system in Wilderness boats, very comfortable & highly adjustable.

Overall though, I think the Romany has the edge. Nobody has seemed to come up with a better ‘all around’ sea kayak than NDK. The Romany (& Explorer) just do everything well. They really do inspire confidence, the only downside was the Q/C, which has been addressed.

The Tempest seemed slightly faster, but the Romany for me is better in the wind, in bigger waves, bracing, & it practically rolls itself (although the Tempest rolls easily also)

In all fairness though, I must admit to being a Romany owner (& loving it)

I have paddled
and rolled the tempest 165 and while it is a fine boat,IMHO it dosen’t hold a candle to my Romany in manuverability or roll-ability.

I can vouch for Tempest’s all-day comfor
Had some long days with only one break (for lunch) on a 9-day trip I did the summer I bought the T165. I didn’t really intend to paddle for hours without stopping–it just happened because I never felt uncomfortable and I had a good rhythm going.

Then I realized how hungry I was! Had to pee, too! :wink: It reminded me of the time I rented a car that with a seat that fit me to a T (car handled well, too…not a typical rental). I was so comfortable I just kept driving and driving. Nearly missed a curve that night because I was falling asleep.

Oh, yeah, the Tempest is easy to roll and do PF re-entry with, as well as being a comfortable cruiser in the calm and a predictable yet manueverable partner in the rough.

Does butt first entry make any diff.
to you? Does one have the edge there?

Paul S.

I respectfully disagree as someone who has at least a couple thousand miles in a Romany.

with what? (nm)

Romany being best…
Again, with respect for our differences, and my belief that no boat works for all, I like a couple of boats better than my Romany in rough seas. But the Romany is excellent for sure. I like the T165 quite a lot, better for my style than the 175. I realize that for Sea_Kayaker the Romany is his favorite, and that’s cool. There are, as you know, several excellent boats in that category and the “best” is relative.

oh yeah…
when people start in with the ‘best’ I cringe.

paddling lots of boats, even the ones that suck (in someone’s humble opinion) is great for skill building. I have a saying that is pretty twisted “I love to paddle boats I hate to paddle” It teaches me sooooo much in how to design the next one!

Funny thing, back in the guiding days, I always ended up with someone’s POS because they “really wanted to upgrade and want to try out mine” whatever. Being a slaesman is a bad thing at this point. i sometimes never got back me boat and learned the good/bad of their design.

off to try a new seat placement in a proto. 1" makes a huge difference!

fwiw- thanks for being open. amazing how both our attitudes have changed over the years! :slight_smile:


Internet can be a tough medium for me…have to be very careful, as it’s so easy to come off wrong, when you may just be poking some good natured fun. I’ve met folk who, like me, can come off way wrong, but once you meet face to face, it all makes sense and you realize you just weren’t gettin them. Happy holidays. Surfs UP!

…the “best” is relative
Yup, and we all grow and learn different things all the time until we die…

Safe and happy holidays!

No disrespect salty,
but I just don’t see anywhere in my post were it says “best”.

If this is something you infered from my comments about preference, I assure you I was refering to my own experiences.

You are right in the aspect that everyone must ultimately decide what works “best” for them. However, I don’t think it’s wrong for people to post here seeking input from others as to what works “best” for these others.

IMO, people learn not just from their own experiences, but also from the experiences of others.

Teaching/Tutoring, Mentoring, Apprenticing are all fine examples of ways others benefit from someone elses experiences.

Again, no disrespect intented.

All good
My take is simply that there are for me better all round sea kayaks, and I’ve spent a lot of time in a Romany. Thats all.

“Nobody has seemed to come up with a better ‘all around’ sea kayak than NDK. The Romany (& Explorer) just do everything well.”

I read that passage as saying “best” as well. I’ve spent time in both the Romany and the Explorer and while they are great kayaks, they would not be on top of my list of my preferred ‘all around’ sea kayaks.

Did I forget to put a “for me” disclaimer before every sentence?

Look, how about from now on we just say that when I post, I am speaking only for myself & not the entire world.

Sorry for the confusion.

I does seem awfully difficult to respond to questions here without offending someone. Even those who haven’t addressed the threads’ question/issue seem to get offended.

Romany is my pick!
I have owned over 25 different kayaks in the last 3 years. They ranged from a pintail, sirius, legend, chatham 16, tempest 170 etc. All were fine kayaks but I now am content to only own a Romany and Explorer. Of all the kayaks the NDK’s in my opinion are the best all around handling and fun to paddle kayaks. Regarding your question, sit in entry is usually no problem with the Romany, but it depends on your height. I’m 5’10".

6’ 1"
190lbs, & no fit problems with my Romany either.