romany vs montauk anyone?

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Hi, I was curious as to the perceived difference between these two, since on paper they seem rather similar. I have paddled (briefly) the Montauk, and was wondering how the Romany would compare in maneuverability, tracking, speed, quality etc. Does anyone have experience with both? Thanks, SR

Both excellent kayaks
Comments from me or anyone are just personal impressions, so keep that in perspective. Both these kayaks would be considered highly maneuverable, playful, rough water greenland inspired designs. They are similar very much in design intent, and differences have as much to do with the paddler who’s in each, than the designs. It really comes down to YOU paddling both as much as possible in a variety of conditions. When you do this I guarantee YOU will develop a preference between the two based on a number of factors ranging from physical comfort to subjective impressions. That is the one you buy!

You’ll get all sorts of subjective input here from enthusiasts and it’s well meaning, but not definitive for YOU. Two superb paddlers may have different opinions on a given boat, and they are each right for them. I preach this a lot here, and I think it spoils some of the fun and nostalgia about boats, but you really have to listen to yourself, your gut, and get the boat that you feel is best for you…you’ll know!

Rest assured that with all the great product out there you will make a good choice. Have fun.

Seated Comfort

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Agree with the above. Functionally they are quite similar boats. The one factor I would add, and this again is something that you have to decide for yourself with some seat time, is which boat would be more comfortable to be sitting in for a few hours. My recall is that I fit a bit differently in each on stuff like where legs go to hit the thigh braces, how the sitz bones lie, that kind of thing. You may want to look around for a two hour or half day paid tour where you culld take out each boat and see how your posterior etc felt after a while.


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Salty is right that these two boats have the same design goals and each achieved those goals well in similar manners.

I found the Montauk the less comfortable boat in which to sit, paddle, etc... I also found that I was bracing against the forward bulkhead in a boat with standard bulkhead placement - this is only significant if you have legs longer than mine (I'm 6' with inseam of 33"). The decks and coaming seemed higher in the Montauk than the Romany.

I find the Romany more comfortable and more predictable in its behavior - YMMV

Romanys, Montauks, and Avocets are common 16' boats among paddlers I know and with whom I have been in sessions. We've all see images/footage of impressive things done by good paddlers in Romanys and Avocets. Last September I was in a tidal currents class (Mayhem with Maynard) in which Danny did very impressive things in his Montauk.

Many paddlers have done much in both the Montauk and Romany. One is not objectively 'better' than the other. Demo both and get the one that feels most 'right' for you.

Minutiae: The Montauk hull is the North Shore Shoreline which was the first 16' British dayboat. As I recall, it preceded the Romany by about a decade. The Romany was designed in 1993 by Nigel Dennis and Aled Williams using a Pintail mold as the starting point.

what the hell is a Montauk anyways?
for that matter, what the frick is an Assateague???

Montauk Point
The Montauk were Native Americans residing on the South Fork of Long Island NY. Montauk is the easternmost town on Long Island. Montauk Point is the tip of the South Fork of Long Island NY.

A beautiful spot from which the next landfall is Europe.

Look it up
instead of whining to the world. What’ll it take, a dozen keystrokes and a click?

Montauk is the easternmost part of Long Island, NY.

Assateague Island is part of the National Seashore along the Maryland/Virginia coast.

And Both…
Happen to be Impex boats,

Along with the

Currituck - Outer Banks, North Carolina

Mystic - Conneticut Coast

Susquehanna - (River)Pennsylvania

Theme peters out finally with the Temiskawa - waterway in Ottowa, Canada.

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SR passing through?
When’re you passing by to play with a Montauk? The boat, not Long Island. :wink:

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bad names for kayaks
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interesting background
Cool to know where hull designs came from etc. I will of course demo the Romany, but since I couldn’t get to one yet, the next best thing was to see what you all thought the differences might be! Anyway, our intermediate skills class is next weekend, and after that we should be a little more prepared to do “meaningful” demos. The comfort thing is always an issue, my right leg seems to go to sleep in almost every boat, and within 20 minutes. Sciatica I guess. Even with all the yoga and stretching I do. Maybe a gel pad on the seat would help…

Make sure that you can drop your leg out of position and stretch it relaxed along the bottom in whatever boat you get. Do that for about 5 or so minutes every hour of paddling and the sciatica should back off. (mine is on the left)

Boat in the shop? NM

My yoga instructor just gave me an excercize to do for this. I will try it for a while and if it works I can try to describe it if you’re interested.