Romany vs. Romany S vs. ???

Well, I’ve finally sold almost all the old boats - one SOF left - and I’m starting to test fiberglass boats again. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a Romany, but I remember liking it back when I was 165 pounds. I’m 190 pounds now.

When I go out and test paddle the Romany and the S or HV what differences should I be looking for between the two hulls?

I doubt that I’m going to be able to have them out in anything but calm or chopping water, so I’d like to know what to be on the look out for between the two.

I’m also going to paddle a Chatham 16. I’d like to paddle a Pintail and a Nordkapp LV. Anything else I should be looking at? I want something a little more playful than an Avocet, which I paddle a couple of times a week. I’m still up in the air on whether or not this will become my main tripping kayak or if I’ll use my Reval. I’m almost tempted to just get an Explorer.

larger boats
Given your weight, I would consider looking at boats in the 18 foot class. Many will disagree with me, but I think that at 190 pounds you are pushing the optimal weight envelope for boats in the 16 foot class.

To answer your original question though…the S is supposed to be a modified Romany HV with a bit less rocker. Deck is a bit higher. Supposed to be a little faster and surf better, yet still be manueverable and playful.



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Midnight Sun has a Nordapp LV...go try it

I believe they also have a Pintail with the Keyhole cockpit

If you want to try an older Pintail with an Ocean cockpit, I have one. (just e-mail me backchannel and we can meet somewhere)

Best Wishes

(The Romany HV is the old Posidian, renamed)

I’m 210
And have owned a Romany which I put many nautical miles on, as well as an Avocet, Nordkapps, and currently a CH 16 Carbon / Glass.

All excellent. If you find the Avocet not playful…not sure it’s the kayak. It is a very playful boat, but maybe the fit is off or something.

It gets to personal preference. For me the CH 16 outperforms the others in really big coastal water, rock gardens etc. It is excellent on edge in said waters. It handles my weight easily with gear. The Romany also was fine, but on month long trips I had it loaded to the seam line. All that meant was it lost playfulness. I think you’d be fine at 190 in any of them. Of course there is the T165, Impex Currituk, Kajak Sport boats, Foster’s Legend, P&H etc.

A lot of this is like ski boots…I happen to fit and love Scarpas whereas others do better in Garmonts. Which is best…the one that fits

In the case of some models, the hull is identical, and the deck has simply been raised. This does nothing to alter the “design displacement” of the hull, rather just allows more volume. That’s not all bad, especially when going bigger, but if a given hull works poorly for a light paddler, (not enough weight to displace it enough) simply dropping the deck won’t make it any better, other than perhaps a better fit…which will help.

Good luck with your search, and take your time.

Thanks for the suggestion on the 18’. I have a Tahe Reval, which is 18’. And just want something for day trips mostly. But I just love the Explorer.

I wonder if there are any S models in the midwest. I’m going to have to look around. Anyone in Madison carry NDK?

I saw that Midnight Sun had a LV. I need to get down there ASAP, but I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been able to get down there. Lakes looking calm for Monday and Tuesday, which I have off, so I may wait another week.

I may take you up on the Pintail offer. I’ll see how much I like the keyhole cockpit one at MS. Thanks for the offer.

Thanks - very valuable advice
So many boats, so little money. :slight_smile:

It’s a poly Avocet and it’s not and ideal fit for me - a bit cramped and my legs tend to fall asleep now and then. I like it though, but there’s something that I can’t put my finger on that isn’t right for me. Maybe too much secondary? Not hair trigger enough? I don’t know. Can’t figure it out. I really would like to get an “Avocet plus fun.”

I’m seriously going to look at the CH 16 again. I’d already own one if I hadn’t quit retail back the first year they came out. I quit before mine showed up, so I canceled it. I did fall in love with it the first time I saw/paddled it.

How is the quality of build with Necky since Johnson bought them? Still good?

Better in many ways
What many do not understand is that the same folk who made Necky what it was are still there. Spike Gladwin, head of design, Dave Vanderveen, Dan Fillinger, Alex Mathews who does some consulting etc… New composites are infused at Old Town factory in maine, and are superior in my mind to the old Necky’s that I paddled 15 years ago.

My CH 16 was made by Stoddard Aerospace, the contractor who got Necky up and moving on infusion. Lousy Gel coat, but the boat is sick crazy strong…rediculous almost.

I’ve never seen a perfect boat, and Necky has fought through some nagging issues, but the composite boats of today represent a big step forward in my mind.