Romany XL specs?


Just wondering if any Romany XL owners, (or others), had any accurate length and width measurements for their boat. I’ve seen various numbers in the past but can’t seem to locate them now, although there was quite a bit of variability… Thanks.


mine is
16’2" by 22 inches wide, as far as one can accurately measure width… maybe it’s 21.88, maybe 22.13, you know? seems about 22 by crude tape measure on the inside at widest point.

Romany Excel

Measured from the mold, at the factory:

Length, 16’ 2"

Width, 22"

Cockpit height at front of coaming: 13 1/4"

Cockpit height at rear of coaming: 9 1/2"

Hope this helps. We’re expecting one in November for a customer.


Virginia Sea Kayak Center

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Romany Excel?
whither this boat? yet another version of the Romany S, let me guess, half inch longer, .36 inches deeper, etc? the NDK disciples are going to go nuts with this…

I’ve seen notes …
… on someone’s web site that it is softer chined than the “S” so it may be a bit different on the water… The same site claimed that the plastic “S” is not the same as the composite …

What is cockpit opening size? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

One method I have used is to check Seals fit charts for their sprayskirts: they seem to have virtually every kayak model ever made in the drop down menu.

Once you find the size they recommend for the model you are seeking to research, then search for some other models in the same size and function range to find one with the same Seals size. Cross referencing the specs for those other models (on their manufacturer’s sites) gives you a rough idea of the length and width for your boat that takes the same size skirt.

Just a quick look shows Seals recommends a size 2.2 skirt (diameter in meters around the coaming.) That is larger than most touring kayaks which tend to be 1.4 and 1.7 meters. The Current Designs Squall GT takes a 2.2 Seals skirt so you can figure the Romany XL is probably similar: 35" by 18".

You can find it at the bottom of this link, under “Cockpit sizes.”