Rood rack for Scion xA

Are there any cheaper alternatives to Thule and Yakima? I usually buy used Thules on Craigslist, but I’m not seeing any to fit my new Scion xA. Any suggestions?

Did you check out Inno racks? They use the same type bars as Thule, and the whole set-up costs less, including keys. We got one for our Honda Fit.

Would the Inno stays fit on my Thule square bars? I have an investment in the Thule bars, two sets of cradles (for two kayaks), and a rear roller loader.

There are no prices at the Inno website.

I believe the bars are the same cross section, but your best bet would be to contact a dealer with your question. I believe we got ours from ORS Racks Direct. They carry Yakima, Inno and Thule.

Or Proline