Roof cross bar came off?

I have a Yakima baseline clip type cross bars. I had the front bar come off. Not fly off as I had a Thule Slipstream which held the bar mostly in place. Had a 16 foot valley boat on the roof. I didn’t even know it happened till i got home to unload. I always use TWO front bow lines making a triangle. Which I think held it all together.

Looking at the clip driver side front that let go it has damage on the inside where there is softer rubber material where it contacts the car. I tried to reattach but it wont hold solidly. I reordered a new clip kit .

I am thinking of putting some 3m clear protectant tape where it contacts the car? Good idea ? bad idea? I will include a picture of damage clip.

Yes they were tight i used the yakima tool which clicks after its fully tight. I have used clip type roof bars for over 10 years and this was on my current car for almost 2.5 years use. I take it off during the winter . So I installed it this past May. (got a late start this year) .

I had Yakima rack pads turn to goo on a Florida trip with 2 boats on the rack. They were clear plastic and left a dent in my roof.
I ordered replacements and they were black , and more solid feeling . It’s been years with no trouble.

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Well I hope the new clip kit doesn’t come off agaIn But have no clue why it did in the first place.

That is scary! I’ve used Yakima racks for over 20 years without a problem, taking them off only when I bought a new car. The last set was on from 2010 to 2018. I bought the current racks, everything new, five years ago.
Jackl once told me to test the security of the racks by grasping and shaking the car once in a while to make sure they were solid, and I still do this.
I’ve always had my racks installed by the dealership I bought them from, and I never, ever, take them off.
I live in central Florida, so they’ve been tested by heat and sun.

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I always do the shake test before i load. This was on the way back home after a paddle. really surprised me. The bars were on since May this year. Really has me worried about the future. Before this yakima rack I have used a thule setup on two past cars with square bars never an issue. This is my first yakima setup but its on its third year of use. I still wonder if I should try the clear protective tape? I will have a new clip kit this Tuesday.

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I would check with Yakima about the clear protective tape.