roof rack 2001 ford ranger ext cab 2door

Looking for roof rack for my ranger. Talked to a lady at the kayak store and with a 14.5 foot boat she said the experts did not suggest putting one opn it. The engineering cost would be expensive it has a 6 foot bed. Any suggestions.


I would recommend getting a bed rack rather than a roof rack for your Ranger. I have an extended cab Ranger with a Yakima Outdoorsman. It was easy to install and does a good job. However, it’s not cheap by the time you buy the rack and attachments. I use HullyRollers in the back and Mako saddles in the front. Tried J-Cradles but it was too hard lifting my kayak by myself into the cradles. It’s much easier using the rollers because all you have to do is lift one end of your kayak and then push.

There are other brands of truck bed mounts that probably work equally well. I got Yakima because I was familiar with them from owning several of their bike rack systems.

I agree with bed rack. If must roof…

canoe racks
Have used a yakima rack on 2001 Ranger reg. cab for seven years. Racks spaced 17" apart. Haul a 14 foot canoe with no problems.

Check out Yakima
Kakima has a rear rack that goes in the reciever hitch. This coupled with a single cross bar on the cab should get the space you need.

ladder racks
I use inverted L shaped ladder racks which mount to the side and bottom of the bed, with foam blocks to carry a 16’ sea kayak. The upper part is removable.

I had a Dakota 4-door
I used a T-bar in the receiver and an inflatable Malone Handi Rack on the cab for many years. If hauling two boats you need to put a block of foam between them.

It worked fine at highway speed and on several long trips.