roof rack for 2010 Honda Insight

We just purchased a 2010 Honda Insight and are looking for a roof rack system for my canoe. Yakima and Thule do not have racks. Therefore, I am looking for suggestions so I can get out and paddle sooner than later.

I would love an Insight. Have you thought about some of the light trailers. Some one near me has a Smart Car and they tow 2 kayaks. I am not sure how far they have towed the boats - but it sure is cute!

Sometimes it takes a while for thule/yakima to catch up with the new model cars.

Are you sure.

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I don't know what your vehicle looks like but.
On my 2003 Ford F-150, I was told by Yakama people over the phone, that it was the only model F-150 that was made that they didn't have a rack for.

Then I believe it was on here that some one mentioned a set up that they have where you drill down through the outer roof and use a device (similar to a large toggle bolt and then use their "Landing Pads" and "control towers" with them.
The bolt never comes through to the inside so you don't see it.

I have about fifty thousand miles on the rack most of the time at highway speeds carrying three boats, and they are rock solid.

I wouldn't hesitate one bit drilling into a new vehicle roof, but then again I buy my vehicles with their primary purpose as being a "funmobile" to carry our toys.

the first hole you drill hurts the worst!


don’t they have their own roofrack?
My Honda Fit (.Jazz) has it’s own rack from Honda,

works ok for me:

Before drilling . . .
Roof racks decrease highway fuel economy a bit. If you bought an insight you obviously care about fuel consumption, so you might want to hunt around for a removable rack for all those times you aren’t carrying boats. Nobody wants to pay more to drive to work!


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The trailer idea above is a good one. A small single axle trailers works great. Price range is somewhere $1k-2.5k for decent ones but you'd have to add a hitch. A guess price for hitch probably $150-300. A quick fit would be 4 foam blocks, 2 straps and bow and stern lines. Not perfect but works just fine for many people.

Bought an 09 Honda today and opted to pay the premium funds for the Honda roof rack. By buying it with vehilce, it gets the same 3 year 36 000 warranty.