roof rack for a hyundai tuscon

i was wondering if anyone has or knows of a roof rack that’ll fit on a hyundai tuscon that will carry 2 yaks(loon 120) safely. i do have rails.

any advice is greatly appriciated. hyundai sells a kayak carrier for $170 each

Have you tried

If the link doesn’t work, go to the “Choose my Rack” link. Pick the options you need, write down the descriptions/part numbers, then check ebay or craigslist to see if you can get them used.


Good luck!


You’ve checked the Yakima, Thule
catalogs? Hyundai’s price sounds high, but it usually costs 200 plus to get the clamps to go on your side rails, the crossbars, and then whatever post mount or cradles you want. Maybe $300. I hope your rails aren’t cheesy. Usually, now, the manufacturers are providing rails that aren’t just a joke.

The crude solution is to somehow attach some 2x4s to the rails, carpet them, and carry your Loons bottom up. But once you get that all worked out, you may decide you should have just paid the $300.

My suggestion would be to get Yakima or Thule with vertical posts, and rope the two loons on edge, one on each side of the posts. The center of gravity is a little higher, but the aerodynamics can be better for gas mileage… avoiding having air coming up the front of the care and getting caught against the underside of two kayaks sitting flat.

ORS Direct

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Check out ORS Direct ( for racks solutions. They carry all of the major brands and usually their pricing is anywhere from 10 to 40% off of retail. Does the Tucson have siderails AND crossbars or just siderails? If you already have the crossbars just go with a set of saddles and clamp directly to the crossbars. If no crossbars, then look at something from Thule called the Crossroad (Model 450). It's a set of crossbars that wrap around and clamp to the siderails and works with square crossbars to accept any shape or size of saddles (as well as other accessories). Yakima has a similar products but it doesn't seem to be quite as secure as it clamps but doesn't wrap around the siderails.

Glad ah’…
bought me 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport wit rain gutters (last non-van vehicle produced wit dem). Jus’ clamp on heavy-duty TracRac van racks or Quick & Easy racks an’ go. Ah’s feels yer pain wit all de new cars without gutters.


Thule option

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If you have crossbars attached to the rails:

Thule Stacker $110 attaches right on to the factory crossbars. All done.

No crossbars:
#450 Crossroad Footpack $145
LB50 or LB58 50" or 58" Crossbar $55

Add on Stacker or any other Thule carrier you wish.

Hope this helps.

See you on the water,

marshall-isn’t it a 450?
I use a Thule 450 footpack on the same suv-not a 430. Works great and comes off in no time. Fit guide said to use 50 inch cross bars but we went with 58 so we can carry more boats and no one has whacked their head due to the over hang.

Yep you’re right. Low coffee and I wasn’t looking at the box on the shelf. It’s the 450 Crossroad whereas the 430 is the Tracker footpack. I’ll go edit that.

More coffee in the system today than on my original post.

See you on the water,