Roof rack for Kayak & windsurf kit

Hi there,

Don’t know much about windsurf kits, so what would be the best option for carrying either 2 kayaks or 1 Kayak and 1 Windsurf Kit ?

Two sets of J-Hooks ?

I think you answered your own…

A J cradle on each side. Each holding a kayak, and the wind surfer between them.

Get 78" bars

Jack L

Problem is…
The roof rack (Mazda EOM) is only about 43’’.

The board is about 30’’. SO I’m really not sure there

would be enough space between the two J-racks assuming I spread them as much as possible.

The other possibility would be to squeeze the board on its side in between the two J-racks.

I would have to find a way to secure the board that way.

All I can say is if you want to play…
you got to pay !!!

Jack L

Rack width
Jack is right. The width of your factory rack is irrelevant if you mount a set of proper crossbars on it. And since the cross bars on a typical factory roof rack are pretty flimsy, the use of aftermarket (or home-built) cross bars is the best plan even if you don’t need the extra width.