Roof Rack for Mitsubishi Mirage?

Neither Yakima or Thule have options available currently. Is this just a matter of time to get the fit kits? Does anyone have a rack on theirs? I imagine I could bend one of the other Yakima clips to fit if need be.

If not, are there other high-quality racks that would do?

I’m thinking Mitsubishi Mirage in the spring/summer (fantastic fuel efficiency . . . though probably much less when carrying a canoe)


small engine
Boy thats a small 3 cylinder engine. Sure great gas mileage but with such a small engine it will most likely have to keep engine rpm up on the highway when you have a kayak on the roof with the added wind drag. Yes it makes a BIG difference with my 2008 Honda Fit. I drop from about 36 mpg to 32 and thats ONLY if I don’t use cruise control and just let the car slow down on the hills.If I use cruise control the car keeps its speed (70mph) but at a cost of gas mileage dropping to 28mpg.With no roof rack or kayak on roof the car rarely downshifts on any hills but once a kayak or two are added its a different story. I would be concerned that gas mileage will drop off by a large margin with such a small engine.But if you don’t drive highway speeds you would be ok.