Roof rack for Saturn

I decided to get a quality roof rack, but I am having issues with my vehicle (2001 Saturn SL2 sedan). For my car, Yakima is rated at max load 75 lbs, with clips mounting on the plastic molding along the roofs edge. Yakima also recommends that I remove the rack after each use, or I will deform the molding. Thule on the other hand is rated at max load 165 lbs, with clips mounting between the plastic molding and the roof edge, and can be left in place. The problem with Thule is the max bar spread is 19" on my car, and kayak carry is not recommended. Does anyone think the bar spread will be and issue?

My car is a 2000 Saturn SL, 4 door,
and I put Yakima racks on it in 2001. I’ve never taken them off. I was told leaving them on might cause the door to leak, but it hasn’t. I go paddling usually a couple of times a week, so taking them off and on would be a nuisance.

I’m only carrying one boat and it is small and weighs 38 pounds.

Still getting great gas mileage on the road, and I drive as fast as anyone else, usually about 5 mph over the speed limit on the interstate.

Saturn’s rack works well on my '01
Can’t remember who makes it. If I do I’ll post it. But it came from the Saturn dealer. Bars are oval with a slot in the top, and you tighten it onto the roof rails from either end by twisting a knob that screws both mounts closer to the middle, tightening it onto the car.

It’s very easy to mount and rated (I think) for 100 lbs. Feels very secure to me, and I’ve had about 85 lbs of canoe and gear on it many many times.

I also have a Thule rack for my '95 Saturn that works well on that one.

The roof rack sounds like a Saris rack. I have one on an 06 Corolla and it’s great. Easy to take on & off and it’s sronger than a thule or yakima rack. It cost a lot less than thule or yakima too.

If they still make the Saris rack by all means buy one.

Thanks for the info
I may still consider Yakima, I really want to leave them in place. Still waiting to here back from Yakima and Thule customer service.

Short Roof Adaptor
I have 2 door Honda that I just put a rack on, it would allow about a 20 inch base. Check it out at…

It only comes up when I select a kit that uses the LB50 bars, not the new oval bars.

I can’t drive 55.

Sell your car, get an SW2 WAGON, ‘99-‘01
WAAAY better for kayaks and gear and active/outdoorsy lives in general! I have Thule racks and Set To Go saddles on my SW2 and I can carry my 18-foot fiberglass QCC Q700X very securely with no bow or stern tie downs – well, if there’s strong wind I’ll add a bow line.

I put another 16’+ glass boat and a 45 pound 13’ Necky Manitou on stackers next to it every once on a while – only for shorter highway trips and only 55mph and less so far.

would these work well?
Kind of pricey at $300 but these would be easy to duplicate with regular tubing and some u-bolts.