roof rack full size van

Does anyone have any experience with loading a 65# canoe onto a full size van? I’ve got a 2001 Chevy Express van for our family of seven. Along with being a teacher the van makes traveling around during the summer and paddling a pretty viable option. I’m hesitant because I’m the only one at this point capable of loading the canoe. I know rack makers make load bars to help.

Does anyone have experience with this that you could share? How difficult is it to get the boat tied down?

I like the idea because we could take the seats out of the back and sleep in it?

Thanks. Dwayne

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He has a full sized van with a Thule rack if I’m not mistaken. He loads and unloads by himself. Here’s a Pic. WW

I’ve a Dodge van
and put some quick-n-easy’s on , using a steel crossbar . I carry 3 yaks on top all winter , drivin from NY to s.w. FL. and N.C. to paddle and live in the van . One plst . yak weighs 64# , I don’t use rollers as my boats stay cockpit down , and I manage them alright at 50 . Use a step ladder and tie yer painers on before ya put er up . No rollers although I’m sure ya could work something out . I know a few that use the hulley rollers but then they have their cockpit skyward , but that’s not to say ya can’t .Also check out auto parts stores for a roof rac .Hope that helps some -------M

How about
using a trailer? Much easier to load and unload. You pick up the maneuvering part pretty quickly. Plus, the trailer is so light, its fairly easy to move it yourself!

Roof rack.

I have a Chevy Express van and travel with two kayaks on the roof. I’m not sure how this would work for a canoe but I use Thule Rollercoasters for loading the kayaks. You will also need a two step ladder to hoist the boat onto the roof once you get it started on the rollercoaster.