Roof rack installation: antenna

Removing my antenna is pretty complicated (open up headliner and panel, etc.). Any tips for what to do about the antenna to load a kayak from the rear into saddles?

Unscrew it
Jack L

I wonder if there’s a way to bow the
antenna down and fix that bend, so that when loading it’s not snagging the works. It might not affect antenna effectiveness.

I’m rusty on the subject, because our last two Accords have the antenna in the back window as part of the condensation heater grid. I’m surprised that hasn’t caught on, because it works well enough. Maybe it isn’t good enough for uses besides just radio…

offset your saddles
It sounds as if you have a “fin” type antenna, the one that doesn’t screw on.

Just offset your saddles to one side or move saddles really close to antenna - look at clearances and figure out which will work best.

HA! You’re right!
It was that simple. I didn’t realize the antenna could unscrew from the base. I never had this type before. Problem solved. Thanks!