Roof Rack or New Vehicle?

I had a Focus! It held four boats.

Above is my link to my roof racks experience. These days I keep the rack but buy new tracks for each car from Proline. Mount the tracks at the edge of the roof where it is stiffest and you will be fine.

325hp with a bilstein/helwig handling package …


tho take a look at a blue printed V10 swap


has the scoop but yagotta look thru the page for

imagine there’s Subie gallery ?

Just build your own truck from scratch
Build it around your boat.


Steel beams

What you said

around your intended launch site survey…where you gonna launch from ?

surface conditions during acceptable water levels ?

how often?

what satisfaction value from driving the finished product ?

Yeah, you needa Steyr Puch …not likely.

But when pocket burning you belly up…order an LSD and the fog light package.

doahn forget the rack base …maybe the body requires a special after market rack base for complete functioning.

yet its usually a screwup. I forgot the mosquito mesh in that Amazon order. I vaulted the wait 3 days rule.

I’d like a Steyr 220

no trailing arm ?
vee gaits ?

2 transverse leaf springs?
Zora Arkus-Duntov didn’t know squat

Has the thread run its course
of practicality?

Now down to babble


Tatra Citroen VW
not hammering down to St Lou from Chicago…

Zora took a lot of heat from too fast for conditions shudda bought a Porsche/TVR group.

The Puch is an interesting folly. I was intrigued when first reading of that ages ago. Then with the internet we can view junkyards of collected/imported Puch n assorted Euro military transport vehicles…for sale cheap…needs a lower final gear…a lot lower.

But wait not only are many parts really proprietary given the mil spec tax payers money routine butbutbut with the small Puch, motor n drive train were moncoqued

as an integral unit…no fabbing motor mounts and plated for a B18 or turbo/rotary.

Leaving us with Jeep’s anchor 6 and Subie’s flat 4.

read here

BTW. a big one drove [past while I was sorting the aux electrics below the mesa. Shouting from above abt the rig coming from Mexico. Jap tilt cab diesel with…4wd wheel drive …DIY house in box …maybe a 3 ton rig.

Cool…how it goes in the forest ? My Volvo is a bit over 4’ wide but the van is at least 12’ wide so…many paths once driven are now off course.

you’re bring up

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the rear ?

top float

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adding to the Landrover Owners Club is...

Am I the only one who appreciates the convenience of tracks? Quick install and removal of rack, weight carried at edge of roof where it is more rigid, expansion nuts mount track more securely that self-tapping screws, permanent parts are low profile, and not a budget buster.

I have a front wheel drive with limited slip, it’s even nicer to have with front wheel drive than it is with rear wheel drive.


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If they make a clamp-on option I'll always go that way. I don't want to drill holes in my car or have to explain them when I go to sell or trade.
One can usually find crossbars from Thule or Yakima used, and if your car is common the rest of the components can be found used also.

start drilling holes in your car and see what it cost to repair or what you lose om resale.

could lose your skirt

Depends on the owner and the car
Some of us wring out most of our investment in a car before selling. How much do you think having a few plugs of the wrong color in the roof will matter once there’re 350,000 miles on the car and it’s gone beyond being just a little rusty? I can tell you how much. Not one bit.

350,000 miles
at that mileage your car has zero value so you need not worry. Newer car to return to undetectable will cost you a bunch to fill and paint the roof unless you want to just blob some caulk on the holes. Most don’t I would guess and most don’t have cars with even 1/4 that mileage.

Consumer Reports ( says the average life expectancy of a new vehicle these days is around 8 years or 150,000 miles. Of course, some well-built vehicles can go 15 years and 300,000, if properly maintained.