Roof rack Q's - kayak and paddleboards?

Hi all,

We have a 4Runner with the factory roof rack. Just got a paddle board and am now looking for a kayak - probably the Hobie Odyssey.

So my first question is how best to transport both of these at the same time. Would I look into a J-cup system for the kayak and then put the SUP’s on the rack as normal? Would there be enough room with the Hobie somewhat on it’s side?

Next question - what do most people do for help in getting the kayak up on top of the roof. I’m 6’1" and 200lbs and am still a little worried about getting that 80lb kayak up and onto the roof. I’m guessing there must be some trick that I’m not aware of and that I’m not the only one with this issue.

Thanks in advance for any advice, comments, suggestions, etc.

Ugh ….

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Hobie Oddysey is a good tandem SOT, I owned one for several years. the trick to getting in on the roof rack is to put a pad on the back of the vehicle and use the rear bumper as a step or get a small step stool and put the bow on the rack… with the stern on the ground and then get down and push the stern so the kayak slides up on the rack.

To get an Oddysey and a SUP on a forerunner you are going to need a wide rack. 58", use mako saddles on one side as far over as you can mount them and put the SUP on the other side flat. I used this set up and could get three kayaks on the roof. Not sure how wide your SUP is but it's probably wide. You will kill yourself trying to load an Oddysey into J cradles your gas mileage will suck, and you will likely not be able to park in most parking lots that have height limits when traveling.

man…I didn’t anticipate this would be so difficult. And I was looking into J-racks last nite and thought they were the answer I was looking for. But yeah, I didn’t know about getting a big, heavy Kayak up on the truck like that.

So loading on its side is that much more difficult?

You can rear-load with J-hooks

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Almost no one does it that way, but with two people it's a cinch - very little effort is required (the reason you might need two people is because the slipppage of the boat through the rear J-hook may need to be coaxed a bit). Basically, it's the same method as what SeaDart describes for rear-loading a boat in the rightside-up position, and just as in that case, laying a pad on the rear of the car could be very handy during the initial stage of loading (but if you have two people, that's not necessary at all).

As to the load being too tall, I wouldn't expect that to be a problem. It may be too tall for going in parking ramps, but probably not if the load is no higher than the roof of a full-size van. Still, in all my years of carrying boats on the roof, I've yet to park in a parking ramp with one, or wish that I could. You can make your load less tall by using wider bars and putting both boats rightside-up. That might sound like a super-wide load, but people who haul pairs of canoes do it all the time. It's really not so bad.

As to wind resistance, don't sweat that one either. I'd expect crosswinds to be the biggest problem if the kayak is in J-hooks, but again, people who carry canoes deal with much worse. Also, the drop in mpg isn't huge.

See if you can find someone with
J cradles and a tall SUV and see if you can load the Hobie by your self. I think you will decide it’s crazy. It’s a fricking heavy kayak. Once loaded it has a huge profile sticking up into the slipstream. Mounted lying down and upside down not so bad, because it rides low in the slipstream.

Ok, giving up on the J-cradle
I found out that I couldn’t get the paddleboard and J-cradle side by side anyway, so yeah, I guess I’ll just plan to make a couple trips if we need both. I’ll just carry one or the other.

So assuming the kayak will be carried flat, probably upside down, can you get away with the std. foam rack pads that they sell? I think those are ok for the SUP’s, too? And then a nice set of tie down straps?

Yes surfboard pads will work fine.
Maybe buy the wider pads they sell for SUPs.

I swear by these >

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You don't have to buy from OOC but just to show you what's on the market and available. Also, I vote U can carry both the boat and the SUP , horizontally and side by side on the roof rack ...just get the wider ( aka/ longer ) bars to carry them both,even if it means dumping the factory crossbars. I have a Dodge minivan right now ..and my bars (Yakima) are as wide as the van. dont worry too much about a little bar overhang.