Roof rack riser for Yakima q tower?

I have a yakima roof rack system (hi-riser permanently mounted to my mid-rise leer shell) and a q-tower bar above my door/cab. This is on a 05’ Toyota tacoma access cab. The problem is the back two bars on my shell are ~4" higher than the bar over the cab which makes it a pain to tie down large kayaks and boats. Is there an adapter or riser kit that can raise the q tower bar on my cab a few inches? I haven’t seen anything like that online. The only thing I can think of is strapping down a 2x4 on the front bar, but that seems kinda funky…Any ideas?


Are you using saddles
on the front bar? If not, they may provide the height you are looking for.

If you are, perhaps a spacer between the saddle and the bar clamp might work, using a longer bolt.

Just some thoughts,


Saddles are a great idea for kayaks.
Not only will they raise the hulls over the front bar, but they will add boat stability on the rack. Probably he would need only one set of saddles, both for the front bar.