Roof Rack Storage

I already have a folding 14ft Pakboat wich is great for long distance kayaking, It is pretty easy to assem.

I would like to get a second hard body kayak (a 10ftr) for those days I would like to do a quick run to the Lake but a couple of problems

  1. I live in a small apartment
  2. The apartment is on the 2nd floor
  3. Due to a foot injury I do not think I can lug it up and down the stairs all the time.

    What I would like to know is does anyone out there store their yaks on top of their vehicle. (I currently have a Ford Ranger with an open back cab.)

    Yea I know I will be driving it around with me where ever I go and yes I would have it locked down.

I keep two QCC’s on my truck cap roof all the time.

One is 18 feet long, and the other is 16

I very seldom use a cable lock with mine, but with a shorter kayak,(that would be easier to steal) I probably would.

Go to Wally World and get one of those plastic coated dog run cables. they are very cheap, and they have a couple different lengths. Then just use a plain old pad lock with it.

If someone is going to steal your yak, they’ll get it even if you use a altra expensive krypton lock/cable.

Lastly: make sure to frequently put a coat of UV protectant on it. The sun is liable to do a number on it.

Jack L

I’ve left kayaks and canoes on my car
for weeks. Some UV protection is good, although boats now have some UV resistance built into the plastic.

understand where you are coming from
I have a back injury. My kayak lived on the roof of my car for a few summers. It was older when I got it. (perhaps leaving it on the roof these past few summers made it more vulnerable to cracking on some rapids)

However I will be doing the same again this summer, with my new kayak. My patio is small, I have a back injury and pulmonary problems.

The dealer (Sabos in Columbus) told me that carrying it on its side on those J style racks was the better way, if it has to be in the sun and weather. Right now it is behind the couch in my living room. It will be on the car if summer ever comes again.

Some us do what we have to do, to get by and enjoy our lives.

locking it is a good idea
In Ohio all boats have to be registered. Where I work, we are behind gates and no one is going to be so stupid as to try to nab it.

The thieves around my condo are looking for something they can pawn or sell quickly. Not a Thirteen foot sixty some pound item with a hull number.

However I do have a lock and I may use it when and if I go somewhere unusual or to a campground someplace.

Depends on a few things, where you live, what the theft rate is there, if you don’t mind the UV damage (far worse for poly boats), the decrease in gas mileage, can’t get car with boats on the roof into most parking garages.

Bill H.