Roof Rack Suggestion Needed for Nalu

I am the proud owner of an Ocean Kayak Nalu yakboard.

Taking it home from the store on foam blocks, I noticed that it is something of a challenge to tie to the top of my Jeep.

Can anyone offer me advice, tips, and relate personal experiences with a board / yak like this one?


Here’s a link for a description and photo of it:

Looking at it I can see why you would…

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have problems.
I have an Ocean Kayak Yakboard, and use the scupper holes to thread the tie downs through, but if you just try to go over the top with the tie downs, you are going to end up loosing your new beauty.
Are those hand grips on each side in the picture ?
If yes you could thread a tie down through them but you still will end up with the board wiggling.
I would be tempted to glue two D-rings with pads on each side, and then thread your cross tiedowns through them.
There is a two part epoxy out that is made specifically for gluing to plastic.

good luck,

Jack L