Roof rack suggestions

Hello I just purchased a Field & Streak Shadow Caster Kayak. I have a Toyota Sequoia and was wondering on suggestions on a good roof rack that will support this beast 35” wide x 12.3L x13”H preferably easy loading at 95lbs. Thank you for any assistance :slight_smile:

Go to It has a guide to get you started. Thule probably has one also.
I have a beast boat also and use Yakima with long bars. The extra length will help with loading and you will need them on that vehicle.
95 lb loading will never be easy unless you have a trailer.

String is right, a Thule or Yakima can easily handle your beast. If the rear window opens on your Sequoia like it does on my 4Runner you also have the option of just opening the rear window and sliding it in. Your vehicle will suck in dirt on dirt roads but for short trips on pavement it’s a cool option.

Is the best roof option j racks for this beast or the v wings which are only 28” wide and kayak is 35”? Just want to make sure. Thanks for the help

I agree… A massive 95 lb kayak is going to need full support - and NOT with factory roof rack bars from Toyota. Believe me, I have been down this road with Ford, Yakima, Thule, etc…

For a common small SUV like mine (Ford Escape), the factory, OEM, roof rack system & crossbars will only support 100 lbs max. Yakima and Thule are both way more stronger, sturdier, and can safely hold a lot more weight evenly distributed across the roof. My 10’4" Cayman fishing kayak is something like 47 or 48 lbs at best. That is sufficient for the factory roof rack on a Ford, as long as I don’t do anything stupid or go 75-80 mph out on the interstate!

If price is a concern, I would focus on Yakima. Thule is also fantastic as well, but then, for some reason they are more expensive than Yakima.

Good luck!

@Dano-11 said:
Is the best roof option j racks for this beast or the v wings which are only 28” wide and kayak is 35”? Just want to make sure. Thanks for the help

Oh boy, I would not use J-racks on a boat that big, it will present way too much lateral area to cross winds and hold the boat far too high.

You probably don’t even need v-wings, you can probably carry the beast deck-down on Yakima or Thule crossbars since it has a fairly flat deck area. Hopefully the massive seat back folds down or is removable. Some padding (e.g. closed-cell pipe insulation) on Yakima round bars would probably work OK.

I would haul that thing on our kayak/canoe trailer cause I sure don’t want any more dropping and scratching incidents on the car. Of course you have your wife’s boat to carry and this thing. This thing could lay flat on the roof racks and you could load wife’s boat on top. Separate them by pool noodles. What could it hurt? I got a picture somewhere. :s

No personally I’m through with lifting heavy things high up. We put Thule bed racks and Hulivators on the truck to lift assist 40 pounds of our 62 pound sea kayaks. You probably won’t go that way for the expense.

There are ways to load a heavy boat on the roof. Canoe people in the classic steam bent rib design boats do it all the time with beam measurements the same as yours. But they don’t carry the wife’s boat up there also. They use trailers for two boats.

Thank you all for your assistance