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i am interested in buying a kayak this year, however here is my problem. i own a hyundai sonata and none of the roof rack outfits have anything compatible for my car. the only thing i see out there is the foam blocks you strap on and mount kayak on to. i am looking to buy a pungo 120 (maybe duralite).kayak shops in the area don’t think it’s a great idea.any ideas to solve this issue.anybody have success with the foam blocks. i would be stayin somewhat close to home…

Try this link

Foam blocks work great on a rack. I used them once on a rental car with ok results at slow speeds.

Racks appear to be availble for Hyundai Sonatas. Not sure what year your car is or whether you have some sort of rack on top of the car now. Going to the Yakmima web site ( and working through the online selection program they have, I found that a 2005 Sonata uses Q towers… Thule, Saris, and other manufacturers might have something as well. If you have a 2006 and it comes up with nothing online, consider giving a company a call to find out the latest info…

foam blocks…
Yes, before Yakima and Thule, back in the days following the last ice age, we used foam blocks and rope extensively. If you can tie it down good and tight, you can travel faster than the posted speed limit with very little “wiggle”.

However, that little “wiggle” equals a roof with scratches on it. No matter what kind of pad you use.

If you don’t mind a few scratches on your roof, it works well. Look into good knot tying techniques. I wish I knew the name of the knot that draws the load down so well.

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racks for hyundai
I’ve used Barrecrafters and Thule racks on an Accent, so I’d be suprised if there wasn’t something available for a Sonata.

The knot
to use is called a trucker hitch. When tied properly, it has a pulley type effect and holds very well. In 30 years of using it, I have never had a problem. Knock on wood.

I use a pair of inexpensive, adjustable, removable racks from Western Auto. Covered them with poolnoodles and tie the boats down. I have drive several hundred miles at highway speeds with no problems. I tie bow and stern for good measure.

When no on use the racks go in the trunk.

The racks should cost less than $40.00.

LOLOL…I wish I had a Hyundai…I strap My CD Breeze on top of my miata convertible…It Is 6 inches longer than my car…I use foam blocks and loop the straps thru the windows…I can go 80 miles an hour without a Waver…Of course i have tie downs on the front and back…I get some Odd looks but thats half the fun…

roof rack
We’ve loved the kayak saddles by Thule used on our Sonata…very easy to load and tie down the kayak with these and they prevent the wiggle. :slight_smile:

Ann in Alexandria

Type of rack
What does the rack on your Sonata look like? Is it solid or does it have openings? Is it straight or curved? Are you handy enough to build something?

03 sonata

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i have a 2003 hyundai sonata and roof rack manufactures do not list anything for 03 sonata..i have nothing on roof of car at i said initially i need to know if foam blocks will work or if there is a roof rack out there i can put on .so then i can put kayak carrier on the rack..

You don’t need a rack or foam blocks
The Pungo’s cockpit is nice and long with a concave curve at the rim. It should nearly match the convex curve of your car’s roofline. Just cut a piece of carpet large enough and toss the boat upside down on the roof. Use one center strap through the doors, and carefully placed front and rear tiedowns. Works great on my Toyota Corolla.

Does the sonata
have exposed rain gutters in that year?