roof rack

Hello, was wondering if it is o.k. to transport my kayak directly on my vehicle’s rack deck down and if so how to go about it or if I need to invest in one of the systems by Thule or Yakima, also I’ve seen something about “oil canning” what is this, and my boat is a plastic old town otter tandem, thanks for any advice as I am new to the sport

It is OK, some padding is still advised. Pool noodles work great, some people advocate pipe insulation.

Oil canning - deformation of hull due to excessive temperature and stress. Read - straps too tight.

Since you want to transport deck down, straps will not create undue stress points - the round hull will spread pressure around. Also, wider straps would be better ( NRS has 1.5’’ straps), I remember seeing wide straps in home improvement stores.

And, of course, bow/stern ties are a must.

Just bought a kayak last night,
and I took it home on my Pathfinder’s roof rack. I made sure to buy some pipe insulation (can’t find black pool noodles). I attached the insulation to the rack with thick plastic cable ties. Make sure you get decent straps for the bow/stern ties. I’m using bungee cords for the perpendicular runs. Took it out this morning, so far so good.

Yes, the factory cross rails are fine…
If the load is not too much. A couple of light weight kayaks are fine.

Also, Thule’s saddles fit on most factory cross rails. I have the “Glide and Sets.” They list for $145, but I got mine for about 10% less from a good rack shop. I like the security that the saddles provide my large rec tandem. See:

and here’s one of mine:

Scroll through to see boat on my roof rack.