Roof Rack?

-- Last Updated: Jun-06-11 4:31 PM EST --

As a newbie I have a lot of questions and researched most of them, however I would like to hear from you experienced folks regarding hauling your kayaks. Here is my set up....

1. Ford Expedition (big) with factory roof rack and cross bars in place.
2. Wife's 11 foot kayak
3. My 14 foot tandem kayak

I am thinking about going with Thule 881 or 883, which is their basic setup that attaches to the factory rack already in place. The 883 is about $50 buck higher but does seem nicer. Can anyone guide me to what I should be using to best protect and transport my new toys? Thanks!

P.S.: I am 6' 3" so reach is not a problem, nor is lifting the weight.

Boat widths?
I use the 883 - seems a little bit more secure than the 881. That said, how wide are your boats? Before you purchase anything, be sure that you have enough width on the crossbars to load two kayaks side-by-side.