Roof Rack

First time Kayak buyer. We purchased 2 Perception Pescador 10 ft kayaks. We have a Toyota 4 Runner. Any roof rack suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Just two pair of J Cradlea (various mfg) will do fine on the factory crossbars.

If or a more diy project I have two pair of Kari-Tek J-Crafdles that are just hanging around. $30/pr. + cost to ship, or you can stop by. If in the area

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Are the brand names worth it?
Thule and Yakima make great stuff, but there are options on Amazon that are a fraction the price:

Is this setup ok? I have a Pungo 120

start with the bad reviews
when you get to the good ones you’ll have an idea

brand name racks
Yep worth it, I’m still using my racks bought 15 years ago and from what I see will never need replacing.

Bill H.

cheap Js
I use Yakama saddles on my own truck, but have a set of those cheap Js that I use when camping with my buddy with his vehicle. With cheap Js, I recommend using long straps, and securing to the cross bars, not the Js themselves. Go around the bars and over the boat as if you were putting a canoe on the bars, except you run the straps through the centers of the Js.

roof racks
I have yakima bow downs. They are great as you can put them down to put your vehicle in a garage. I have them on top of my 1999 Chevy Tracker. I also built a rack system for my Chevy S-10 from 2X4s for about $50. These are more permanent, however I can take them out if I wish.

Roof Rack
I purchased a Rhino Rack in 2014, have used it about 10 times, and transport my kayak with peace of mind. If you search you can search for a rack which is customized for your vehicle.

Do you park your vehicle in a garage?
If so, the height of the garage door may dictate some choices over others. There are J-Racks that don’t fold down and may not allow you to put your vehicle through the doorway or in some underground parking. Furthermore, poly boats have a tendency to oil-can in the heat of the day and it is generally accepted practice to transport them on their gunwales or upside down. You can’t go wrong with Thule or Yakima.

I have
I have been very pleased with my Thule Aeroblade. Nice and quiet on the highway and no need for a fairing.