Roof Racks and transporting kayaks

So I am new at this. I bought a kayak rack similar to a stacker but it was padded (Swiss cargo). I’m not happy with it. Is there any reason why I couldn’t or shouldn’t just transport my kayaks like this?

I have to watch when opening my trunk. But other than that?

Thanks in advance!

maybe tie it down tighter
But seriously, if I get your meaning: can you just place the kayak directly on the rack? Sure, get some foam padding for the rack like this:

You can carry it hull-up or hull-down. Lots of people transport their boats like this. Where the stacker comes in handy is carrying multiple boats.

So many tie downs.
I will definitely tie it down more, I was just curious if I’d be able to fit two side by side. I think I will despite the bars being 53" and each kayak being almost 30". I was just curious if I shouldn’t carry them without J-racks or saddle racks. I could do the foam. I see a lot of noodles cut and zip tied down too.

Noodles will work, also the black foam pipe insulation from HD. Foam will deflate a little with use, I replace it every year or two.

Nothing wrong with a kayak directly on padded crossbars, some boats fit well on a rack that way, some really need saddles to hold them correctly.

I have the aeroblades and they do have a piece of rubber that goes along the top. Also they are about 3 1/2 inches wide so there is a lot for the kayak to sit on. I am going to try to have the cockpit sit just against the bar and Ill make sure they are tied down good in front and in back for my long trip. If I notice any slight impressions I will consider doing the noodles.

Thanks for the feedback!