Roof racks for a 2022 Chevy Blazer

I have a 2022 Chevy Blazer with the factory roof rack. The rack is basically a solid rail that sticks up vertically and has a tiny ridge on it, I assume for the clamp.

I have a Thule rack from my old Jeep that I want to use, but I need new feet for the Blazer.

Thule makes a kit, 710601 foot, and the adapter kit, 186122. It looks like these just clamp on to that tiny ridge.

Is anyone using a Thule rack on one of these modern roof racks? I’m a bit concerned (ie terrified) that my whole roof rack will come flying off the roof. There is no way to tie the rack to the rack as there’s no space under the rack rail to thread anything and there doesn’t seem to be any way to really secure the rack.

I recently traded my 2012 Santa Fe in for a 2023 model and I believe it has the same solid rails as yours. Many new cars are now equipped like this.

My intention is to mount my two older Hullavator systems that were mounted on square bars, to new Wingbars and for that I also purchased adapter kit 186008 and the flush rail feet 710601.

I haven’t installed everything yet (as I need to make slight modifications to the bars - Thule doesn’t have a direct fit for my car) but it looks to me that the feet and adapters will make a very secure fit on my roof rails, much more secure than the previous feet that attached to my older car.

Having no way to secure the bars to any other part of the roof is a slight concern, but with my older car I did many long-distance trips from Florida to Nova Scotia like that and never had a problem.

Are there are pop-off plastic rectangles on top of the bars that cover threaded holes for attaching OEM crossbars?

No. There look to be plastic plugs on the inside of the rails that could be holes or screws. I’ll have to explore that.

You’re fine up to 165lbs of load. It’s the same style as used on lots of euro mfg cars and is being adopted more widely in USA.

It holds to the inner and outer side of the rails so actually stronger than the door jamb hugging style of the Evo Clamp on a naked metal roof.

Go accessorize that Chevy. It looks naked without kayaks.

Those plugs are the attachment points. It sounds just like my wife’s CRV.

If you’re okay with aftermarket bars on your Blazer just search for “2022 chevy blazer roof rack” on Amazon. There are lots of them there, at much lower prices than you’ll get from a Ford dealer.

Not only that but Ford dealers don’t always stock parts for Chevys. :grin:

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Oooops! :flushed:

My husband just bought a 2023 Blazer and it has the same set up. Originally I figured it would be the emergency backup transport vehicle should by ‘92 full size Blazer ever let me down. But those clamp style racks make me nervous.

I’m sure Thule or Yakima will have compatible towers soon for the new models.

But to be honest my Blazer didn’t come with a factory rack so I had to use a rack that clamped at the doors. I worried about the rack coming loose all the time so I always put an extra strap up and over the kayak and then through the doors before I closed them.

When the Blazer was refurbished 5 years ago, I had them install a rhino roof rack to solve the problem.