Roof Racks for Dual Kayak Transport

Suggestions please, I have a 4dr Mitsubishi Galant and I need to transport two kayaks now since i just found a solid used one. What are some of the best options for roof top racks. There are plenty of choices but appreciate some community thoughts on what you have used. I need something reliable to transport a 14ft & 12ft kayaks. Thanks

Third party cross rails and stackers
Thule or Yakima - they both have them. We have hauled up top four kayaks with the stackers, 2 on each side (though it does require longer rails).

I useā€¦
a Rhino Rack 2500 crossbar and Thule 834 & 835 J-racks to haul a Dagger Axis 12.0 and Pungo 140 on a 98 Toyota Camry. Easy to load.