Roof racks for Ford Ranger Regular Cabs

I was wondering if it would be stable and advisable to go with a roof rack only on a Ford Ranger? This is a 1991 model and it is just my knock around and back and forth to work truck. Would a two bar roof rack be stable enough to hold the kayak?

There’s not much spread
between the 2 bars on a roof line that short. It also depends on how big a boat you’re hauling. A 24" spread is about as close as you really should go on a medium to large boat. Consider putting one bar on the roof and a T bar of some sort on the rear bumper/trailer hitch receiver for a nice stable spread. If you prefer, use the 2 utility type racks in the back of the truck. I like the T bar option on a small pick-up as it is easily removed when not in use.

Ranger roof rack
Look around for a used camper shell and make a rack out of 2x4’s. You should be able to do this cheaper than new Thule or Yakima racks.

Danger Ranger
I have a 83 ranger pretty much same as 91, I use it for haulin logs now but when it was on the road I bought a second hand push bar and welded on a 1 inch square tub on it then built a 3/4 inch rack that slid into it and through pinned it. I never had a problem with it and spent about 50 bucks with spray paint. I would not put a canoe on a regular cab ranger again BIG mistake.

Not much substance to the Ranger Roof
I’ve owned two (97,02) the roof is flimsy.

Either make yourself up a rack out of steel/aluminum tubing or get a cap and rack.