Roof racks for truck cap

Who has mounts on there truck cap? Would like comments to better direct me in my puchase dicision. Thanx

I use Yakima
on my Snug Top. I had the guides and racks installed when I bought the top. They can slide forward and back to adjust for different boats. I hardly ever move them unless I am pulling the travel trailer and have to add a bar on the cab. Then I will move one to allow me to carry the boat more forward on the truck.


Roof Racks For Truck Cap
I bought a new cap with a new truck in 2003 and the cap dealer installed metal mounting plates that my Thule rack can be attached to. I have only carried a fiberglass kayak on it when driving on the highway but I think they are secure enough to handle more boats and more wind reistance. There are plates on top and underneath inside of your cap that are bolted together so you will end up with 4 holes at each corner.


I have Yakama on mine.
I used their “landing” pads which bolt through the fiberglass top and then their towers go into them.

If you don’t mind springing for the big bucks, I highly recommend them.

I took two 17 foot plastic kayaks on a 15,000 mile trip with them, and since then have had several 2,000 mile ones with two yaks and a canoe.

Drilling the first hole is the hardest, but then the rest are a piece of cake.

Mine have never leaked.



Top/Side Loaders from Yak
Yakima also makes Side Loader and Top Loader brackets for mounting a 1A Raingutter Tower to a cap without rain gutters. THese also bolt onto your cap and require drilling, but I have yet to hav a problem with mine.

Get the tracks if you can
I don’t have a topper rack yet but am also looking into this. Leer and SnugTop offer factory option that is designed for use with Yakima. A.R.E. offers another system that they claim can be used with “most” rack systems. The advantage of A.R.E. is that they offer both the fixed-position mounts and the rails/tracks as options (Leer and SnugTop might also offer both options; I just don’t know). With the latter, you can adjust the crossbar distances–very important for carrying objects of different lengths.

I am trying to find out if the A.R.E. tracks will work with Saris crossbars…haven’t been able to get a definite answer from either A.R.E. or Saris yet.