Roof racks to haul my kayak

Hello everyone.
I have a 2009 Ford Focus 4 door that I am wanting to purchase roof racks for to haul my kayak on.
This is what I found:

I’m thinking this will work once I purchase the correct fitkit?

Thanks for any advice!


Will those mountings fit your vehicle? If not then the only part that will be of any use will be the bar.

You’ll then need racks of some sort that will allow you to support the kayak; J-racks, cradles, Hullavators, etc.

Check out the Yakima and Thule websites for fitting details and options.

Check the Thule site for which component model numbers will fit your vehicle before buying anything.

According to the Thule website, this is what I need:

What you linked to is Thule’s “Aeroblade Edge” system, which integrates the feet and the bar.

Do you intend to simply strap your kayak to those bars? What size/model kayak are we talking about?

Generally folks attach kayak racks to the bars to support the boat and I’m not sure Thule racks fit those integrated systems.

My vehicle has a bare roof. I’m needing cross bars for it. I plan to attach kayak racks to the crossbars once I have them. J-cradle I think the kayak haulers are called. I have 2 kayaks. A 10 ft and a 12 ft.

That sounds like plan!

I have used Thule’s Hull-a-Port Pro (folding J racks) and their Hullavators. Both were made to fit Thule’s square bars but came with adapters for Aerobars. Just make sure that 1) the J racks you buy will fit the Aeroblade Edge bars (I think they will) and 2) that the width of bars will accommodate both kayaks.

Just a comment on the aerobars, the argument for them is noise reduction. I went to the less expensive square ones after the Yakima round bars, and find the noise level greatly more manageable even just with the squares. I should note that in the car I listen to classical music which has more dynamic variation than pop music. I do lose some of the really quiet parts, but for the most part it is OK. My biggest noise factor is not the square bars but the Two Hullivator units.

It may be that for your purposes, going to aerobars that include the feet is cheaper than going square. Depends on how much.

I moderated the noise of my square Thule bars by winding 1/8" braided accessory cord around them (72" long workboot shoelaces would work too.) Popped off the bar end caps and tucked the cord ends in before locking them in by replacing caps. I used black but may switch to neon green so I can find my generic charcoal grey station wagon in parking lots more easily. I miss the old-style radio antennae that you could fasten a flag or plastic flower to for parking lot ID. Yeah, I know I can just click the horn button on the electric key fob but I think it’s rude to startle people walking by honking at them.