Roof Racks

I can’t really afford Yakima or Thule towers, crossbar, and stackers right now. So I’m looking for the next I should look at. I visited basspro the other day and came across Malone products. Is this brand fine or should I look into another?

I could suggest some Thule 480 Traverse or 450 Crossroad feet with bars that are on consignment in Hyde Park, NY provided they’d be the ones that work for your vehicle.

Just a thought.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Do NOT use the $30 ones from the auto
parts store. I used them and they dented the roof. They worked great but the dents are permanent.

Used Thule
I need them for a subaru Crosstrek. I’ll check and see if Thule has a guide for vehicle brands like Yakima does.

I’ve used Malones for years…
On three different cars that all had factory crossbars.

I have no complaints and highly recommend them. I currently have the Seawings…

I have Yakama, Thule and Malone
From my take, the Malone J cradles are by far the best made and strongest.

My preference for saddles is the Yakama Land Sharks

Jack L

Unless your car has factory installed rails it uses fixed points to bolt down the following.

Thule SquareBar 50", Thule Podium Foot Pack 460, KIT3068

The sets I mentioned work on a naked roof or with rails.

Let me know if I can help.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Inno also

Malone has been making high quality
carriers for nearly 20 years. Based out of Portland, ME with lifetime warranty, awesome customer service and great pricing. They wouldn’t be in Bass Pro if they weren’t top notch.

Malone and Inno
Thanks for the feed back on Malone and Inno. Both are in my price range.

I looked the site you suggested, Marshall, but couldn’t find the consignment bars you mentioned.

2 questions
Doesn’t the Crosstrek have roof rails?

Have you looked at Rhino Rack? They have Aero shaped cross bars that clamp onto the factory rails.

Yes it does
Yes it does have side rails. I’ll look into that brand too since I have to wait till next Sunday to purchase the rails and a stacker.

Those Rhino bars sure look nice but they are out of my price range right now. But, Thank You for giving me another product to look at.

Check out
I got some stuff from them through ebay.

Factory Rails
If you have factory rails you probably don’t need towers. It might be out of your price range - but the Yakima Rail Grab system might be a good option for you. I have been carrying canoes and kayaks and vehicles for 35 years and I have seen a lot. This is a good solid system. I just installed it on a new Toyota Rav 4 and I am very pleased with it. Here is a link to one source:

Also, if you are tying to save a few bucks I have two sets of used J Cradles in excellent condition that I need to sell because I have switched to cradles. The brand is Oak Orchard. I would let them go for half price. See them here on the Oak Orchard web site. These J Cradles do double duty as stackers on the back side of the vertical J part. Straps are included.

Oak orchid
If dmax is not interested I may be. Thanks

J racks
If I didn’t have to have them by Sunday, I would have bought those from you. Thanks for the offer. I appreciate it!!

I went with the Malone universal crossbar and the Malone stax pro 2.

For crossbar bar placement, does the front one go as far forward as possible and the rear one as far back as possible?