roof rail system

i am looking to put a new to me penobscot on the roof of my 2009 subaru forester. the rails aren’t very wide and i’m afraid that the boat could slide off to one side, so i’m looking at add ons to the existing rails. has anyone used these before? cheaper than the thule and yakima alternatives.

from what image shows…

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Those bars are narrow(across) and look to be all one piece ..with the footings...y/n? Just my opinion but with the all-one connection...there'll be more force exerted on the area(bolts/screws...etc) where the footing meets the standard bars...y/n? Maybe nothing to worry about though...if that's what fits the it!


Looks plausible. You can be the
guinea pig and report back to us. Make sure about your return privelege.

I had a way to securely attach wooden crossbars to the rails of my Outback, but there are always fussy details that will make you miss a weekend or two on the water.

Longer bars?
Perhaps you can go with longer load bars. I have a Ford Ranger with a cap over the bed. The tracks on the cap are narrow, but by using longer Thule load bars and turning the saddles backwards (blocks on the inside of the gunwales), I’m able to use it with my widest boat.

Aaron…I don’t have this specific model, but I have used Proline towers and crossbars and have found them to be bullet-proof around town and in several highway trips from VA to FL. All steel, they may not be quite as “pretty” as Yakima or Thule, but at half the price…

I’ve never found Yakima or Thule to be
"pretty" at all. I could fault them for not trying to make fittings as aerodynamic as they could.

I look forward to hearing about these cheaper alternatives.