roof top carrier for 2002 Envoy

I recently purchased a 14 foot calypso kayak to paddle locally. I’d like a carrier that will be the easiest for me to load/unload my 48 # kayak.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was on the Thule site and thought the slipstream 887xt looked like a prospect. Please advise.


Just bought a set of Yaks…
No real experience here I just down graded from a truck and needed a rack. Bought the Yakima for the round pipe cross bars, I have a bunch of the steel black pipe and hope it will work if I need longer pieces.

Having said that Yakima has a system that has a set of rollers on one end so you don’t have to lift the whole kayak just one end at the time. I’m assuming that was the point of your post(?) Their called Hullyrollers 04035 in combo with Macko saddles 04037. They also have BoatLoader 04018 and ShowBoat 04040.

Haven’t seen or used any of them, just looking at the catalog.

Yak also has a 10% refund going on now.