Rook Rack

I bought a new car & my old Yakima system does not fit my new car.

To replace it with a similar one is about $350.00

I do have the foam pads but I am not sure how secure they are on the highway.

And of coarse with a new car I don’t want to add any sratches, & maybe ruin the appreciate with a permanent roof rack.

Is there any system that is not permanent that is more secure than the foam pads?


Robert G

towers only?
Can’t you just replace the towers from the old rack for the new car?

Or maybe just a fit kit?
Check with Yakima, it might be a cheap fix.

I had to update

If you have to replace the towers and clamps then you might as well upgrade to the Thule aluminum.

About $350 for the areo set up on tracks. Slick system.

What do you have now? Those square bars with clamps around the door molding?

Simple solution

– Last Updated: Jun-21-08 8:24 AM EST –

I bought a small "curio shelf" and attached it to one wall. Easily holds my rooks (all four).


A trailer.

Check the pawn shops
Seriously, I use foam saddles and they work great. I prefer them to saddles. Have done a 5000 mile road trip with no issues.

git rid of Thule and go yakima
unless it is a mini clubmman…then you have to go factory…

May be as simple as replacing the clips
I just did that. no sweat.

he already has a yakima–do you
ditch yakima and go thule?

I have two of these roof mount
setups from a company called Discount Ramps. I usually haul 2 kayaks (13’&12’sots)and they work well. I use one on a 2006 Mazda 6 sedan and the other on a 1998 Volvo 850. I am more than pleased with the performance and quality of the rack and bars. Good for use on any size vehicle…can’t go wrong with the price too.