Rookie! Questions on my first kayak

Hi guys! Im new to the place & kayaking as well. Ive done my research, and Im looking at something in the whtiewater family something of a river runner or a creeker? Ive looked at different daggers & pyrahna although Im not completely sure what type of kayak I should be looking at noting Im 6’5, about 200lbs and sz 13 shoes. I read several different places expressing that this is important, are there some older dagger modles I could pick up off craigslist that have bigger volumes? Any advice would be awesome.


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In a whitewater kayak, the different sizes(volumes)of the same design usually mean trading stability and buoyancy for maneuverability and control. Playboaters like smaller boats that they can throw around and bury the ends. Creekers like bigger boats that'll stay on top of the rough stuff. With a river-running design, if you fit in more than one size, the smaller size will be more playful and the larger will be more forgiving.

You can often pad out large cockpits for a better fit.

In the Dagger line, the Mamba makes a great beginner boat. The 8.5(discontinued, look for used) would probably work well for you.

A couple of old reviews that might help you look for a used boat:

Some models may have been updated but kept the same name.

You should really consider…
taking a course from a certified instructor. This will give you a great idea of what to look for and then you should demo several boats. Everyone is different and every boat is different even if it is slight. Some to look at are:

Fluid Detox

Fluid Solo

Fluid Bazooka

Dagger Mamba

Liquid Logic Remix

Wave Sport Diesel

Jackson Hero

Big Dog Force

Pyranah Burn

these are good to start. You really should take a course for sure. This really takes a lot of guess work out of the sport. It really is a small price to pay.


Prijon brand
Some of my very tall and large footed friends

fit nicely in a Prijon brand kayak

ask the question

a dedicated ww board, including old school river running, creeking and playboating.

more ppl there w. ww and creeking experience

more ppl able to discuss differences in boats.

not that this forum isn’t OK

there’s just more available on

including more reviews and discussions about ww specific boats.


they have an awesome board for selling ww boats and related gear. Lots and lots of ww boats of all kinds. You can start looking up boats online, and get a feel for what interests you, asking prices etc.

Thanks everybody! cool advice