Rookie, when did I start on

Feels like a half lifetime ago.

September 19, 2001. :clap:

So I guess if you are 42, it was indeed half a lifetime ago….

Thanks Rookie. My estimate was off by 16 years.

I wonder if there is something incorrect about the dates from the early days. I wonder if those were dates when backup copies of the server files were saved. My profile says I joined Joined Oct 13, 2001, I thought it was earlier than that around fall of 1999 when I was paddling my yellow seadart. I’m not sure when started, but I have pictures of a group whale watching paddle with former Pnetters taken in 2000, also some older pictures but not sure of the dates. But hey maybe i didn[t meet the folks on Pnet either, i seem to have pnet messages starting in 2003 saved but not earlier.

P net did an upgrade several years ago. It seemed to lose some data. {or for some reason I could no longer log in} I use to have a log in of Fadedred …but that got lost , so now I’m Roym like on the Q-Usa site. I have no idea what year I started here either.

Weird and Wonky is the name of the internet forum game.

PS I can try to log into Fadedred but it says that is already taken so something is still alive with that…I find it interesting that after this question was posted, I went to check what the site said for my date…I could find no place that told me. So I finally understood why we should all ask Rookie. only other posters can find out out info…not us.

Best Wishes

yes, when they changed, I tried to use my ‘older’ name, but couldn’t, so created a new userid
(prev: raisinsasm, now: raisins)

I vaguely remember talk of a software update that required everyone to reset their passwords. It predated me, but the old timers weren’t happy because they lost their older historical start date.

Your start date is on your profile. Click your user name and then click expand and it should be there. Mine says Sept. 2004, which seems about right.

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Thanks…I found the date they believe it to be. The 2016 date is way off. More like 2002 …I was still paddling a red Nordkapp when I joined… a Faded Red one. I think I got my Yellow Nordkapp in 2003 so it was before that. Interesting…

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You’re correct. FadedRed’s profile states “Joined Jun 25, '02”

Could the 2016 date be when you switched user names?

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Yes Rookie, I would guess so.

I remember reading PNet and posting in 1999. In Okinawa during a typhoon. Wind was bending my windows and my quarters were flooded. Had power and dial up internet the whole time though


I’m pretty sure I remember some of your posts from that era. Don’t remember if you were posting with your real name or TsunamiChuck at that point. Do remember paddling with you in the very early 2000s on Mission Bay.

That was me

And I remember when you were in Okinawa and the dog incident.

Don’t think there was much of an internet when I ate Otis. It happened in 1995 and I found out about it in 1997. Started using the internet in late 1998

Hey Rookie,

Are you carbon dating these paddling fossils!?



Must have been a memory of a startling story.

August 2002 y’all make me feel like a newbie.
A lot of topics revolved around kayak racing back then

A ha… all these years and I didn’t know you were TsunamiChuck. I enjoyed your posts then and I still do now. Your adventures always were a glimpse into a paddling world that was exotic to me then, as they remain today. That, of course, is true of many who post here and part of what keeps me coming back. I may never paddle in the same waters as so many folks here, but I sure appreciate hearing about them.
My profile says I started in Sept 01 - that would be 9/11, of course. I know I was on board before that because I recall reactions within the community to that event, but I really don’t know how much before - not that it really matters much. Its been a while. There sure have been a lot of interesting characters and events since those days. Many good people have contributed, many laughs and ideas shared.
This board is surely something to appreciate and be grateful for, warts and all.