Rookpool alaw

Are rookpool alaw only available in UK. Anybody

ever paddled one?

Here ya go

Ask Derrickam here in a few weeks or keep an eye here:



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Currently only in the UK and Western Europe.

I researched the Rockpools a bit last season.
It looks like a very nice all-rounder and is currently the 'hot' kayak in the rough waters around the UK.
Check out this url; half-way down the page there are links to discussions/reviews on the Rockpools.

To my knowledge there is only one Alaw Bach (a demo) in North American, at Boat, Body and Blade on Orcas Island, Washington. Note that they are not an official Rockpool dealer.
Give them a call if you are looking for detailed feedback.

There have been rumors that Rockpool plans to enter the U.S. in 2008, but they will most likely need a stateside importer/distributor in a fairly crowded composite market. At moment they apparently have all the orders they can handle in the UK.

Some threads re Rockpool
There has been a decent amount of discussion about Rockpool boats on Here are three of the threads:

I’m on the build list for a
RockPool Underground Kayak…it will be several months (but maybe after Canoecopia) before I see it. I will give my take on build quality to any who are interested…as more of a collector than a star paddler I can give only limited assessment of its qualities in conditions.

I am going to paddle one on March '07
…on the showroom floor a Canoecopia 2007, Madison, WI.


R & D
feels that, with time and the proper funding, they can come up with a TRULY UGLY design

Even uglier than the one they already built

pretty much on par with the Q boat
for an ugly factor anyway.

flame underwear on


This one?
Maybe if it wasn’t black…

ugly factor?
BrazilBrazil–vanity–thy name is woman :slight_smile:

His day wil come…
… He’s planning to build a SOF soon. :wink:

Now where did I put that Nomex tuilik pattern…

What dealer did you order from, price tag?

Just saw a note
from Freya Hoffmeister…

She mentioned she believed (not 100%) that it was going to go at $4000 plus shipping to the USA for the three piece version.

Sorry - but I have my sights on a SOF next that tallies up MUCH less than that! Now if I can just get Greyak to part with it…


Note that Freya thinks that there could possibly be some design changes (aka ugly-high-front-deck?) prior to release to the general public.

Guys - this is like MS vaporware…


island kayaks quarisit or something
That price price tag on rookpool then shipping

costs that’s a bit rich for me. There’s a boat

that seems interesting its the quarasit or something by island kayaks I wouldn’t mind

checking out.

vapor ware?
maybe, maybe not…greenland style is growing and this is her answer to those not wanting to go to japan to get a Waterfield SS or 512…the price is steep but I havent figure a way to send it up ahead :wink: For those of us who want a composite greenland kayak this is one route, not that there wont be others in the future, I’m glad Freya has seen the opening in this niche market and is going for it-many talked about it but she is doing something about it. Hopefully mine will be autographed by her :slight_smile:

My interest now that this is in the works is the Australian kayak that Andrew is paddling across the ditch, cant remember the name right now…it has the integral rudder…but that will be next year.

Concerning the front deck, most saw the prelim pics in the plywood plug…it has been re-worked for the unveiling at Canoecopia.

Fingers crossed on this please…all I did was PayPay some money that way…you never know what you’ll get but with my experience with Freya is having dealt with a professional so I have little doubts.

you see medicineman …
It’s entirely too easy to get you riled up.



quarisit or something
at Tybee I spoke with Dale Williams about the quarist (real name?) and he said it probably wasnt for me 'cause it wasnt for him, based on body dimensions but then again depends on what you want to do with it.

Oh, there’s an ungliest kayak ever contest to be held this summer in Columbia,SC…judged by none other than the one man who can see ugly, now who might that be?

Sorry MedicineMan…
I didn’t mean to get you going, or did I…??? LOL

I guess I just had another bad experience with a certain kayak manufacturer who had a boat I really wanted “coming out any day…” that ended up taking many months longer, hence the ‘vaporware’ term.

Yes, Freya is up-front about everything and expect that she is going to ensure that the Rockpool boat is the best it can be before she puts her name/reputation on the line by endorsing it. I am definitely not trying to dis her on that…


go ahead Scott
just remember that when you’re bored or just want to have a bit of malicious fun contact Robert and comment on how ugly his Q boat is…then stand back and watch…

Course, I see others, including Greyak who are just waiting for any photos of my upcoming sof to give me a taste of my own medicine…

I guess if I can’t take it I shouldn’t dish it out eh? So I fully expect to be blasted a few times in the future :slight_smile:


get me going?
I’m laughing! BrazilBrazil likes to push buttons, thing is he’s the one who starts to hyperventilate :slight_smile:

Nah, its family here and no big deal at all…just dont call my Q-boat ugly, call my kids, my house, my dog,my girlfriend ugly, just dont much with the Q !!!

Well it was ugly once, at the Tybee clinic when that Argentinian sat in it hehehehehe