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Hi all…has anyone run across or know of a good reliable rope tensioner? …this would be a item that you can cinch up rope with to make the line taunt , as in a rope strung between 2 trees for a makeshift tarp cover…obviously …it has to fit well thru a kayak hatch. Ideally, it would work on 3/8 to 1/2 diameter rope. thanks for any info .

Taughtline hitch?
Or a trucker’s hitch? Are you dead set on a mechanical device?


2 half-hitches on one end,
taut-line hitch on the other… that’s how Scouts do it, easy to learn

truckers hitch
A truckers hitch should work.

truckers hitch
A truckers hitch should work.

I use something similar to a truckers …

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...... hitch on practically all rope torquing .

The loop you create in the rope for passing the tag end back through is basically taking the place of "pulley" to help in compounding the pulling force (although it's probably not really doubling the pulling force but does signifgently increase it) .

If you really need more increase in pulling force than the truckers hitch or similar can achieve ... get a small single stage pulley (which will give a true 2x force) , want more than that ... use more pulleys aposing each other , want more that that ... use a block and tackle with 2 or 3 on top and 2 or 3 on bottom .

Just make sure your rope and rigging can take the strain or things will blow apart under the forces available to you .

just to get the idea :

or this one :

animated knot tying

Clik on boating then truckers hitch on the left.

A variation on the truckers . . .

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. . . hitch would be the method used to tension rope bridge using double butterfly knot.

thanks all for the replies…looks like i need to learn a few knots. I was thinking of a mechanical device, but if a truckers knot works…all the better, less gear to buy and carry.

The question that must be asked:

Are you planning on using 1/2" rope for a tarp?

Rope Ratchet
Home Depot and Lowes sell rope ratchets for 1/4 and 3/8 inch ropes. Look for them in the aisle with the ratchet straps. They have hooks on each end but can be easily modified if you need a some other setup.

rolling hitch
no message.

Rope Ratchets
work very well. But are probably overkill for your application.


I bought some…
…BS at Canoecopia. Tie Boss. Plastic bodied pulley dealio. Supposed to hold x pounds. My app was for my Hennesy Hammock. Well the head end of the hammock is what lost tension. Making it a real bitch to get out of. Wrong application I guess. I’m sure it has a good use though. Sure left me “Hangin’” though.