Ropes, Entanglement!

Go look at a sail boat sometime.

Do you have one or are you stating that since sailboats have many lines and ropes they must therefore be safe?

My experience has been that if there’s a line in the water then it’s going to get tangles on something. Perhaps your point is that on a sailboat they are all neatly stowed, implying that tow ropes must be properly stowed?

A child drowned on Jocassee when
the day sailer he was on sank and his life jacket caught in the rigging.

…not sure what the intent of the original post was but I will add that people need to check the adjustable nylon straps used on rudder pedals. I noticed the xtra material was loose and formed a nice " noose" for a wayward foot in my boat. in a capsize …any loose material could easily ensnare a foot and makes bailing out impossible. I have since taped up the loose material so I cannot get entrapped by it. I think in due time , I’ll xperiment with wiring harness wrap to see if that works OK.

Most sailors I see …
… don’t wear life jackets either, apparently on the assumption that the greatest likelihood they have of getting wet is when they spill their Martini while making a tack.

Most safety-conscious paddlers, on the other hand, recognize that they’re seldom far from a swim, so they dress accordingly and work to minimize other hazards.


I don’t see anybody sailing…

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....anywhere that ropes can get caught in rocks and trees, or their boats can get pinned by the current. Sailors don't talk much about being "maytagged".

no ropes on a boat.
Lines, sheets, halyards, rode, and a painter for the dinghy, but no rope. That’s why there’s no issue, even with my lack of coordination and housekeeping

I think I’m more apt to get stuck in a shopping bag or trip over some crackers, maybe blanket entanglement…

It’s not just ropes
Some years ago, a rafter drowned in Westwater Canyon when his boat flipped and the non-locking carabiner on his PFD clipped in some part of the boat’s rigging and held him underwater.

So my point is
Any rope near a kayak is an instant death hazard. Canoes too.

It’s an absolute necessity to have painters at both bow and stearn. (and it better not have a knot at the end!)

You’ve got to tie yourself to your dog when in a canoe.

You should never leash your paddle to yourself, only your boat.

You should never leash your paddle to your boat.

It’s fatally dangerous to go kayaking without a tow rope.

It’s essential that you carry a throw rope if you’re kayaking or canoeing in white water.

Rather than blindly spouting (often contradictory) dogma as gospel how about individuals use their minds, recognize that there are inherent risks associated with kayaking or canoeing and that choices have consequences and take responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

This topic is weird.

Soooo… we shouldn’t have ropes or just not talk about how we shouldn’t have ropes. Or just have ropes arbitrarily and stop worrying.

Ryan L.

Matt, I should know better.
But I’m working on it.

Lame +1
Only good can come of discussing reasons why ropes (or lines) can be a safety issue. Taking it personally is just silly.

Hey, Mint!
Your karma ran over my dogma!!!

And Rover’s paddling leash got turned into a drowning leash!!! Woof-woof…I’m paddling with my cat from here on out(if I can only get her untied from that sailboat’s halyard, where she’s tied up in a big pile of sheet.

Sincerely, Ropa-dopa.

Hobie entanglement
I’ve been tangled up in a capsized Hobie more times than I’d like to think about. Carry a knife and it is not too bad. You can hold your breath a long time when you don’t have a choice.

Swelling itching brain
I like to tie my self to my boat but leash my paddle to my partner’s boat which prevents us from getting separated. My do however is tethered to my tow belt which I will use in the event of a strainer tangling up my cooler.


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"Rope" refers to the manufactured material.
Once rope is purposely sized, cut, spliced, or simply assigned a function, the result is referred to as a "line", especially in nautical usage

There are no ropes on a boat.:-)
It's like saying where's the kitchen/bathroom when on a boat.

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